Tuesday, February 1, 2011

bringing color out

. i knew when i worked at putting my office together that i wanted plenty of color in there, and i had no idea it would effect me the way it has . i love it so much i want to put it all over the house . for so long i kept the main living room/dining room area very simplistic and neutral . i have loved that, but all of the sudden that is boring me to tears, not really to tears, but i've wanted a more homeyness in there . you've heard this all before, haven't you . so i'll just get on with things .
3 . office .
. the office, *breaking out into song* you're my inspiration !
. love watching my paper whites grow daily, just as much as my amaryllis .
19 . office .
. so, i mentioned i brought home some things from my parents . this sign below is one of them . my dad made this sign when he was 17 and starting his sheep shearing business . this business is what paid for his college tuition ! i love the story of him making the sign the winter before his business got off the ground and how he tells about his mom not dealing with the fumes well and his dad being inconvenienced by where he hung it... .
. it will eventually hang in the upstairs hallway, but here i can enjoy it much of my days, so here it stays for a while . tissue paper flowers were put out of the way, but that made them in the way of the sign...oops .
17 . office .
. i also got the camera my parents bought right about the time i was born . it still works (or did when i used it when i was a teenager), but i only plan to use it for decoration at this point . isn't it cute !
18 . office .
. ordered some wall options for clients to touch and see .
. this space is still lacking in my mind, i plan to cover the lampshade, but haven't found the perfect fabric yet .
16 . office .
. and on a side note, i purchased this little outlet station and it's not cute by any means .
1 . office .
. but it is oh so handy for all the charging i have to do . just thought i'd share in case you are looking for something similar .
2 . office .
. now, onto the room inspired .
6 . living room/dining room  .

5 . living room/dining room  .
. changed out my flannels for some fresher colors . the far left is orange burlap (wanted to add texture, not just color), the middle just a colorful floral pattern and the far right is a green and white plaid (not noticeable in photo) .
7 . living room/dining room  .
. on the table is my bottle/container collection . i have tons that i use for various things and decided i would just put my collection out . used the left over orange burlap as a runner and added a placemat thing i picked up at target for 75% off a few weeks ago .
8 . living room/dining room  .

9 . living room/dining room  .
. wish this photo was lower, but will have to do some patching and redrilling to make that happen, so decided to wait on that . i just inherited this table . mom passed it along to me as well . the cool part is that it was my great grandpa and grandma taylors . i'm no good with years and timelines, but they have been gone for many years, but i have very fond memories of going to their home and eating boiled hot dogs and circus peanuts . they were precious and their memory is very much the same ! love to have this from them .
10 . living room/dining room  .
. moved my marble swirl photo out to the living room and covered a lampshade with left over fabric from last years shade project .
11 . living room/dining room  .
. a few years ago i got a load of stuff from my mother in law that was either her old things or grandma nebel's so i kept some stuff up in the store room that i thought i may use someday . that day came for this little nicnac box . have i ever mentioned how much i hate nic nacs ? i'm starting to like them a little i guess . let me tell you a little about these nic nacs and you'll like them too . oh but first, the box . it was your standard, dark, raw wood . kinda ugly i thought, so i painted it and attempted to leave the brown boxes unpainted, well, taping off never goes as planned and there were runs under my tape, so i used craft paint to paint the holes dark brown, the same color as the wood . i like . now, the nic nacs . little candy land man is from a game my dad had as a kid (i have the rest of it too), the little flower thing is a glass piece from a light fixture that was in this house that we replaced when we redid it . the marble also came with the house . you can't really tell, but the thing in the far left box is a belt buckle of steve's from when he was a boy, it has an N on it . that little round rusty thing with little balls on it is probably from a piece of equipment, but my favorite thing about it is a special little fella found it in my yard when he was at my house one day and brought it to me and i loved our little conversation, so now when i see it i think of him . a tack from my friend, joni . and well, my favorite, vintage ric rac . ric rac, nic nac, man...i'm getting old .
14 . living room/dining room  .
. found this cute lil pillow on clearance at target, a fun way to add in more orange .
4 . living room/dining room  .

21 . living room/ dining room .
. and i had a ton of black photo frames, so i just checked out my stash of spray paints and went to it .
23 . living room/ dining room .
. they both have two shades of color sprayed on and then i sanded them on the edges for a more interesting look .
22 . living room/ dining room .
. again, with very little money, only for new fabric and a can of green spray paint for the nic nac thing, i have a whole new look . so, there you have it . blog or facebook some of your homes, i want to see them . i love home design/decor .
5 . living room/dining room  .


  1. Your home is super cute! I looove that lampshade!

  2. You've done a beautiful job decorating! I love the sign!!!!!

  3. Sarah, your house was always beautiful but I just LOVE all you have done!! We simply MUST come visit you soon!! Love you girl! ~chrissy

  4. Thanks, gals! Chrissy, come today!! I'm not doing anything :))))

  5. Holy crow, you guys look so different than you did when you got married! Beautiful. As always, I am incredibly jealous over your decor.

  6. Sarah, everything you touch turns to gold!! Love your decor! I def need to stop by and see it. Maybe a girls day????

  7. Thanks all! A girl party sounds fun. I'll plan one and invite you all :)