Wednesday, February 2, 2011

just for fun

. so tons of us in the area are snowed in today, right .

. did you or didn't you put makeup on today and what was your thought process .

. i got to wondering and thought i'd put it out there . i think this tells a little about a person . not that it is a good/bad or a wrong/right thing, just telling to ones personality .

. i'm basing these thoughts on the assumption that you plan to stay inside most of the day and see only your family .

. did you get up today and do your normal routine, put make up on and never think that you might not see anyone outside of your family .

. did you put your makeup on anyway, even though you think you probably won't see anyone today .

. did you not even think twice about not putting makeup on because you have no intentions of seeing anyone today .

. or maybe your thought process was different than that even . do share .


. my answer . yesterday i didn't and [hardly] thought twice about it, i forgot about skyping ! :) it was just with my mom though, she's seen me at my worst . today, a little makeup, quite a bit less than normal . anybody else want to skype ?

. there's so many different kinds of people out there and how everyone is unique fascinates me . this was just a thought i had this morning and since i'm snowed in with little to do other than make tissue paper flowers i thought i'd put it out there, you know, for fun . so if you're snowed in like me, play along !


  1. I didn't put make up on. Heck, I haven't even fixed my hair. Of course, I never do, snowed in or not, only if I'm going out (which is rare). I'm a homeschooling mom, so pretty much from the time I'm out of bed they are and doing school and cleaning, so i don't like to waste make up and stuff. I will make sure my hair isn't everywhere, but hardly ever makeup ~ unless I need to feel alive!

  2. I put no make-up on today. None. Didn't even think about it. Why? Because I never put make-up on. Ever. (Unless it's my wedding day, or picture day, or super-formal dress up event, I never think about it.)

    But I did put fuzzy sweats and an old gray long-sleeved t-shirt on because I knew I was going to see no one. Normally I'm not quite that casual. So the blizzard did affect me a little bit! :)

  3. No makeup for me yet, but I may at some point today


  4. Okay... since you posted about us skyping yesterda, will say YESTERDAY I didn't do anything other than try to stay warm....BUT today, up, dressed trying to get a few things done... No make up BUT don't usually wear it anyway... Hair is washed, combed and pulled back.... ready for a sykpe date, JUST in case :O)

  5. make up?? I'm still in my robe and haven't even washed my face!! I'm back on the phone on hold with uscellular trying to deal with my overage!!!!! I thought about putting make up on... since it's been over a week. and when I skype, it's just a luck of the draw how hideous I look.:)

  6. no makeup for me, but you know i hardly ever wear it anyway! want to Skype with you today but first must get a shower in and a few other things done. will send you a fb message so we can set up a time.

  7. Skin care and the essentials, yes. Make-up would be a waste of my life. I like to be just me. (I even cut my own hair for over 25 yrs. Now, I can make an appointment and get right in and out, so I let someone else do it.)Take me or leave me be insofar as looks go. I remember the one time I had a perm, and the one time I wore nail polish, and I felt like a fake every minute. I hope to get to town this afternoon and finish giving the Iowa Tests to a family. Will just ride along if hubby can make it into work after lunch. It's a BUNDLE-UP day for sure.
    What a fun idea on a "snow day." I'm Aunt N, not: Aunt N0. That's funny!

  8. No make-up for me. Hair pulled back in a pony-tail, sweat pants and long-sleeved tee. I did have a shower, but that was as good as it got. I'd been up all night with a sick kid, so I wasn't going to do much except curl up with the kids.

    Today, a shower and "real" clothes, probably still no make-up though. We're not going to see anyone, and I try to let my skin "breathe" without any make-up if I'm not going out.

  9. No make-up for me!! Although I rarely have it on during the day other than going to church or some event :) Actually still in my PJ's....I know...thats bad since its noon, but the boys are too! Fun day here!

  10. Thankfully, I live in Tennessee and am not snowed in. :)
    I plan on going to the park soon for a brisk just a shower, ponytail, mascara, and sweats for me this morning.

  11. Supposedly 48 of the 50 states got snow...guess that didn't include TN?? I never wear make up, and I don't dress up for anyone. I wear sweats to the store. Only wear nice pants to work b/c it's policy. :) And a ponytail is typical for me. I guess I see no reason to impress others by what I wear or how I decorate my face. I'm here as I was made. :) ♥

  12. Thanks for commenting gals! It seems like a lot of no makeups, as usual though. :) LIked to hear those that elaborated with clothes and hair too. Joni...awesome, that's why I love you! Candace...a brisk run in the park! COME ON, that's just not even nice to say!

  13. i got up and washed my face and put foundation and blush on. BUT i was in a house full of people! if it were just me, no makeup.

  14. here is my update, I did put on makeup and kinda do my hair eventually that day, Christian asked me if we were going somewhere, I told him I just wanted to look pretty for daddy since he was snowed in with us. :)