Thursday, February 3, 2011

sweatshirt turned laptop sleeve

. so i ordered this sleeve for my ipad and shortly thereafter thought about how easy it would be to make, if i could just sew .
. ipod sleeve from etsy .
. lucky for me i know someone that can . thanks ten !
. i snagged an old sweatshirt out of my closet, i knew i wanted the edge from the bottom of it to hug the end of the laptop to kind of close off the sleeve . pinned it all up and passed it off to my lovely sister in law .
2 . laptop sleeve from my old sweatshirt
. the underarm of the sweatshirt made for a little lumpy odd corner, and i like it . it reminds me of that sweatshirt, i liked it, and it went with the capri pants that got a hole in a very unfortunate spot so they could no longer be worn (although i still have them...maybe i could make something out of them too, ooh, i just got an idea for the sleeves of the sweatshirt...sweatshirt, part 2) .
1 . laptop sleeve from my old sweatshirt .
. and well, i had tenille add ric rac . why ? because it's cute .
3 . laptop sleeve from my old sweatshirt
. now i can throw my laptop in it's sleeve and into my giant purse and i'm set .

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