Monday, January 31, 2011

makeover and things

. as you see, the personal blog got a little makeover . it had been about a year i think, so it was time . did you notice it's creamy and tan and all soft and pretty looking, just like i said i couldn't get enough of lately .

. and, speaking of makeover, i am working on putting the post together for my living room color makeover that i've done . hopefully i'll be posting it sometime today, so come back .

. i have a ton of blogs bookmarked that i don't read until things slow down and i find myself killing extra time on my computer . apparently that was last night .
. i checked sew liberated and saw this video of this little 20 month old picking up his play dough stuff . this mama is big into training her little fella the montessori way, and although i'm not overly familiar with this, i do get the idea . thought it quite impressive and i thought i'd share . any thoughts from any of you that have used or know about montessori educating ? just found it intriguing .

. i know you're wondering why all of the sudden posts on the blog ? i'm needing to be creative and since photography is slower right now, this is my outlet . so thanks for sticking around (all 3 of you) to check when i do eventually post .

. oh and i've been drinking far too much caffeine lately (but that french toast coffee my mama bought me is gooo-od!) . maybe be another reason i'm super chatty in this moment .

. my last fortune cookie said "work on improving your exercise routine" . how did they know !? they probably have a stash of cookies with just this message that they throw in after you order so many cashew chickens to go !
10 . just another day PB pic .

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