Wednesday, September 29, 2010

. it's here .

. it's been an early fall and a lot of farmers have been in the fields for a few weeks but we've only just gotten in . i have to say i'm enjoying it much more from behind my camera than the seat of the combine . i'm glad i was able to do it for a few years, and may help again at some point in the future, but for now i'm happy to keep busy taking photos . took a break from editing today to go catch a few shots .

. steve seeded rye from the plane and i think it makes a really pretty bed in the fields . seeding the rye into the fields will help next years crops .

. ramblings...

on yet another beautiful fall morning . sitting at the new local coffee shop, wondering if they forgot to make my latte decaf or if i'm just high on life . life, it's such a beautiful thing . embracing age, imperfections, conflict and challenges like never before . i love the perks that come with getting older .
. hoping this coffee shop sticks around for a while . missing friends, wishing some lived closer . the thought of close friends moving...makes me feel like i haven't felt in a long time . feeling more than blessed . letting go of editing all my photos for my personal blog . seeing families in public and picturing them in my photos . looking forward to a long awaited photo shoot tonight with, what i know is going to be, an awesome family . dreaming of hiring a house keeper .
. hoping i don't forget to go to the pharmacy when i leave here . kind of glad it takes so long to service my car . avoiding editing . loving canvases so much i need one for my own home . love living with my best friend . too many new shows to keep up with, oh well . needs, wants, these lines get so blurred .

! told you i would be rambling !

. man, this place is busy . if this keeps up it'll be here for a while .

. all photos taken with p & s .

Saturday, September 18, 2010

. fall living room/dining room makeover .

. okay, so here's the makeover i've been working on for a week or so . i really did make some fun videos to show you this space by acting as if i was on design star, but they were too long and i couldn't seem to edit enough to get it all in . so went with just showing you a few highlights .

. fall livingroom makeover . from Sarah Nebel on Vimeo.

. the living room makeover .

. the living room makeover .

. the living room makeover .

. the living room makeover .

. the living room makeover .
. this arrangement may not be permanent . it really disrupts the flow of traffic...but it's worth a try . so far, with just the two of us, it's fine . the we'll see how it works out while babysitting this week...and i'm thinking it will be too cramped when family comes for the holidays . for now, i like ! oh, and the best part...this makeover cost less than $12 ! taking elements from other areas in the house and getting cheap finds (the shelf - $10 and a piece of flannel - $1.83) it was a fun, yet inexpensive challenge !

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

. a birthday party .

. i think i've only ever thrown 1 birthday party . my hubby isn't into birthdays but one time i surprised him by having some friends over . friends - as in another couple . not big...they brought pizza, i didn't decorate since it was a surprise and i did have a cake made . but that's the only birthday party i've ever thrown . all that to say my dad is turning 60 and we're going to do a small family get together type one here at our home . he isn't one that likes large crowds, especially if they all came together for him . so, as small as it can be, with a few loved ones . but i want to make it extra special . my wheels are turning how i can do something unique and fun with a 60 year old's birthday...and no, i'm not thinking black cake that says 'over the hill' . he's already had a few over the hill birthdays so we are going to make this one more about being older and wiser, maybe an owl party ?! my dad doesn't care, so i guess whatever i like we'll do :) what if i did old owls all over the house with word bubbles saying the sayings my dad is known for (and there are quite a few) . mom, don't tell him any of this...k ? anyway, just wanted to get my wheels turning and this did it ! any other suggestions ? or maybe i could do this with my dad's face ???

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

. design inspiration .

? want some ?

. go check out thrifty decor chick . she redecorates more than anyone i've ever seen, but does it all inexpensively and well . she has a more traditional style .

. definitely watch yourself some design star . the latest season (new york) was the one that inspired me the most, i think i'm going to watch that season again .

. nichole at making it lovely always has great ideas too . i've shared her before so you may already know her, but she's definitely worth mentioning again .

. the nesting place often has good ideas .

. i recently found rare and beautiful treasures . this gal lived in an amazing new home they had built and recently they sold it and are living beneath their means and she's doing it all cute ! enjoyed this new find .

. some cute stuff on evie s too .

. i think that's good for now . if you like what you see and get inspired by any of these tell me about it and show me what you've done .

. if you haven't freshened up your place in a while, do it . challenge yourself to do it cheap and get out of your comfort zone a little . it's so much fun .

. photos of my space {rearranged} coming soon .

Monday, September 13, 2010

. new toys .

. for the newly redecorated toy room . my friend, laura, had a garage sale last weekend and didn't quite get rid of all of her son tyler's toys . i made a trip over to her place to see what was left and there was lots of thomas the train stuff so i brought it on home, all three totes full ! reed had a ball this morning . ryan liked them for a few minutes, then was off reading the comic book they sent along, then a few minutes later he was back over by the trains helping reed figure out which trains needed new batteries and getting them all up and going .
. new thomas toys .
. my other nephew, stuart, is going to think he died and went to heaven when he comes over, am i right des ?
. new thomas toys .
. our track is not near as impressive as it could be with all these pieces, in time . aunt sarah is no good at this...i need a little time to get creative .
. new thomas toys .
. ry loved the Cars comic book . oh, and the bunk beds are a hit, we always find something to do on them .
. ryan reading a comic book .

. this time of year is magical .

. ah . you all know i love fall, so i won't go on and on about how much i love it, again . but i will say that the season change changes me, it shifts my focus . this year from being so busy with photo shoots, to wanting to nest a little . redecorating the house . nothing major, just little things that say "falls's here" . i recently got this awesome throw quilt from a friend and it speaks to me...deeply . of all things fall and winter and cozy and family and...
. redecorating for fall .
. trying it out in the livingroom .
. redecorating for fall .
. since watching all these design shows while editing i've been drawn to different styles of decorating lately too, so i'm wanting to try some new stuff . i'm loving vintage mixed with modern more than ever . i don't think repainting is in my future just yet because i still love my wall colors and how easily i can change decor out with them, but some cheap furniture switches may be on the horizon . i'm going to an auction tonight and i'm sooo excited about it . it's been ages since i've been to one and i love that you never know what you might get . it's always a surprise . i'll be selling at least one piece of furniture on craigslist soon and deciding how i want to change things up . of course you'll be in on it all . so, stay tuned . i've missed posting on here, will make it a habit again !