Friday, August 13, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

. monday morning rabbit trails .

. does anyone still check this blog ? i feel like i forget about it sometimes . so much of my personal life (which is what this blog is about) is put out on facebook so i tend to not have anything left to share on here without being repetitive . so i went digging through my photos and i've yet to share with you some from last week when tyler was here . so i'll share a video until i get a chance to edit them . which leads me to my next *rabbit trail* . i'll have time for some of that because i'm....

. leaving for brooke's today ! excited - it kinda feels like a vacation because i've been working pretty hard lately and really, i'm taking some editing along, but got everything else wrapped up before i head out . ahhh, good feeling . *rabbit trail * a little of my need for a break is...

. my weekend, wow ! i can't go into much of it in detail, but i'll give you what i can . so i should start by mentioning that i do some volunteer work . some of you probably already know this . i started last october taking portraits for children in the hospital whose lives are terminal or already no more . i can't share much more than that with you, but it's a job i've come to love . so, back to this weekend . i had a shoot at the hospital friday night at 9:00, which was heartbreaking . saturday morning i'm preparing for a wedding (you know i don't love to shoot weddings and i've already said NO MORE WEDDINGS!), but was talked into doing another one that came up quickly . so, as i was preparing for that i get a call from greg, holly's hubby saying her water broke and the labor and delivery that i was going to shoot was in full swing . i cried, felt frustrated because i wanted to be there so bad, but knowing how deliveries go, i was fairly certain i'd miss it . i hurried anyway, got around and went in so i could shoot at least some labor photos and then i would head back after the wedding to do some after photos . but, thankfully, God had other plans and holly delivered her precious baby girl, abigail brooke, about 10 minutes before i needed to leave for the wedding . wow . headed to the wedding with bridget, my lovely assistant, had a good time there and then headed back to see abigail and her family again and got some really fun NEWborn shots ! yeah for extra batteries and photos cards ! i didn't have one single glitch in the day with my camera, my brain,, no . *rabbit trail* my camera has been awesome, and i love it to pieces...

. but i'm going to be able to purchase a new one with the money i've earned with my business . the nebel household finances financed my start into photography, but i'm so happy that i've gone independent and am now able to carry myself !!

. as with all rabbit trails, they take you away from the main story . although, there is no main story here . but, back to my then yesterday i headed back to the hospital for another shoot which was also amazing . soooo, i've run the gamut of emotions lately . *rabbit trail* and could really use that shoulder to cry on...but the phone has had to work as a shoulder because...

. the hubby has been as busy as myself and has been traveling for work lately . i miss him, and will for a little bit longer as i'm the one leaving this time . have i mentioned i can't wait for winter when both of our jobs slow down and we can see a little bit of each other ? i can't wait !

. so thankful to always have my God close .

. wow, sarah was wordy today . playing catch up from not having said much in the last few months on here, i guess .

. oh, the video .
. well, it's not working, so i'll share that later too .

! happy day !

Friday, August 6, 2010

. donuts for tyler .

. i should have known that this kind of stuff would come, but i guess i just didn't think about it . i love that my husband loves to make the kiddos happy by doing little tricks for them . and i love how happy it makes them .