Friday, May 28, 2010

. greta girl .

. it's been a while since i've posted any photos of the dogs . since it's been warmer out they seem to sleep most of the day away under the porch . mornings and evenings (and probably most of the night) is when they play .

. stepped out to do some work the other night and greta was hanging so close to my side, she was just begging to get her picture taken .
. greta girl .
. she's so cute .
. greta girl .
. so excited for this holiday weekend . i hope yours is wonderful !!

Monday, May 24, 2010

. our day .

. so it's monday, which around here is ry and reed day . and today felt like summer ! especially with the air not working :) . i felt like a kid again, working, playing and being sticky with sweat . i really didn't mind it . but am very grateful that thanks to a great friend it's working again ! this morning reed and i replaced the dead tree with a live one .
. summer monday .
. it took some digging, and cutting of roots . elsie even helped :)
. summer monday .
. you'd have thought we struck gold when reed found these worms .
. summer monday .
. feeling a sense of accomplishment at this point .
. summer monday .
. from there it was a piece of cake . back inside and reed helped me paint the little tables for the studio .
. summer monday .
. not quite as neatly as if i had done it alone, but i tried to go with it . he actually did pretty good, i shouldn't complain .
. summer monday .
. worked on spelling with ry . not his favorite subject so a bit of a challenge to keep it fun .
. summer monday .
. and yes, the first day to play in the sprinkler . although, that water is ice cold, no thank you ! but they didn't care .
. summer monday .

. summer monday .
. reed telling ryan to stop spraying him .
. summer monday .
. ryan thinking it's fun to spray him .
. summer monday .
. reed showing me how big his brain is .
. summer monday .
. ryan's birthday is friday, he'll be the big 1-0 . yeah . last year we took the time right before his birthday to make a time 'capsol' (spelling isn't his thing, remember) not much in it except a rock and a sheet of info all about ryan at the end of his 8th year . it was fun to look back and see what his favorites were, some were the same, some had changed and what was important to him a year ago . it was so fun to read, we decided to do it again .
. summer monday .
. i write it because if it was up to him to write it he wouldn't take the time . but he doesn't mind answering my questions . loved doing this . we're going to start doing this with reed too for his next birthday .
. summer monday .
. this 90 day photo challenge has me picking up my camera for everything . it's great ! i wouldn't have taken most of these photos had we not been doing this . and these are the ones that over time mean the most !

Saturday, May 22, 2010

. decor .

. i've keep thinking i need to get somewhere (garage sales, goodwill, auction) to find a table i can paint for this special spot in the studio . it has to be small and lightweight and most likely easy to paint .
. the studio [after] .
. so today, while running down to the print shop in riverside i noticed an old shop i've driven past tons of times, open...and with lots of old furniture . i swung in, introduced myself to jim and he welcomed me to the area and wished me luck (riverside has welcomed me with open arms! it's been great) and then sold me some cute little tables . these two are a set, lightweight and they will get painted...and 2 will look pretty cool and be easy to move . both for $10 . now to decide what to paint them ? i thought about a green of some short, a little darker than mint green ? purple ? or maybe keep it easy and go white ?
. $10 tables, i see paint in my future .

. $10 tables, i see paint in my future .
. they also had another one for $5 that was taller and round, i liked it a lot, but it was too tall for the space in the studio . but i got it anyway and look where it fits perfectly ! i love it, i was going to paint it, and may still but for now i don't mind the color . it's in good shape !
. new table in the livingroom .
. the top is like a counter top . i guess we won't need coasters on it .
. new table in the livingroom .
. with the dark couch, a dark table, dark floors and a dark armoire and table in the other end of the room i didn't really love the fact that the other table was dark either .
. new table in the livingroom .
. this table definitely fits the space better than the old square one did . remember what it looked like ? which table do you like better ? this is a personal preference thing, just curious . i've always been a matchy, matchy kinda girl and am getting bored with that, so i think that's why this off color, round table appeals more to me now, it's less expected .
. a little 'spruce up' after the holidays .
. are you matchy, matchy ? do you like being that way or is it kind of your ocd coming through in decorating ? tell me about your decor preference and why .

Friday, May 21, 2010

. TOO .

. many blogs !

Day 3

I headed out this morning to take photos of the crops for my hubby, and so there you have it, my photo of the day. Not photos of the crops, but a photo of me in my jammies. Oh, and I love plaid! Photo of the corn here,

. my sugar maple .

. hasn't grown any leaves this year . i just planted it april of 09 and it did beautiful last fall, gave me visions of what it'll be in a few years . it has buds so i thought it was just a matter of time, but then i learned that they bud out in the fall . hmm . the tree was guaranteed so i went and got a new one to plant, but i hate giving up on this old one...
. dead tree ?
. because of this .
. dead tree ?
. how do you replant starts ? because of this is there any sign that the tree might come through ?
. oh, and the tag from the new tree...i like !
. trees are cool .

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

. the leftovers .

. so you'll probably be seeing a lot of leftovers from the 90 day challenge, at least a first, when i feel like i want my photo to be just right, whereas by day 78 i'll be laying in bed having forgotten to take a photo, i'll get out and snap a photo of the strange light the computer monitor is reflecting onto the wall or something .
. so today here's my extras . netflix . this is how we watch our videos these days . the video store seems old school already . we love netflix !
. netflix, the new way of life .
. and the recently painted house . ahhh . we've lived here 5 years with it needing paint, so it feels so fresh and clean ! mowing today i caught myself just glancing over to take it in .
. loving the house being painted .
. not a leftover, this was my 90 day shot . thought i'd add it anyway .
. mowing .
. i really am excited to do this . over the last few years snapping photos of everything around me is how i've learned photography and those photos mean so much more than just what you see . most of them are from the house or outside here on the farm so there's that connection as well as my heart and soul in the learning . these turn out to be the photos i want on my walls and in my coffee table books . so, i'm hoping to get a lot of fun ones in the next 3 months . and again, join in ! i think it'll totally change the way you see things !

. photo project .

. back in february when brooke and i got together we discussed doing a photo project just to keep our minds challenged . we talked about several different ideas and didn't decide on anything . time passed and the other day i just wanted to do something challenging with photography . i didn't care what it was . so i facebooked brooke and asked if she wanted to do a daily photo project for 90 days, she and lauren jumped on board and so we came up with a blog to post our work, but not just ours . we can make others contributors and they can post their photos for the next 90 days too . i'd love if at the end of this project i could put all mine in a book or something, i think that'd be kinda cool . anyway, if you want to join in, please do . just send me your email address and i'll invite you to contribute to the blog . you'll be inspired by what others see and by why is around you that you didn't see before because you weren't looking ! let's have fun .

. just another monday .

. just another monday .

. just another monday .

Saturday, May 15, 2010

. if they could only live forever .

. i picked these beautiful purple flowers a week ago yesterday for the open house at the studio . i was back at the studio and they still look so good...they were even almost out of water . i think they like it in there and don't want to leave . so, until they are falling apart and making a mess, they stay :)
. purple allium .

Monday, May 10, 2010

. g & g .

. i'm sure everyone that reads this blog knows about the open house i just had at my new photography studio . grandpa and grandma luers, steve's grandparents, came to see the new place and support me . i loved having them there and was so thankful for the opportunity to snap a few shots . i mean, who can argue with getting their photo taken when they come to a photo studio, right ?! i love these shots and wanted to share them with you all, but especially some of the family out in colorado .
. grandma . . grandpa .

. grandma and grandpa .

. grandma and grandpa .

. grandma and grandpa .
. i will always treasure them .
! love you grandma and grandpa !

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

. 11 .

. 11 kids is a lot . that's how many were at my house yesterday . i kept looking at them all saying 'that's a lot of kids!' :) the kids moms were here too . lots of fun just hanging out with them . the kids were all so good and had so much fun together . the day went pretty much like you see in this photo . lots of smiles and fun on the trampoline . although a few little hunts were involved, a scavenger hunt as well as a hunt for the dog collars that have come up missing recently . one was found, yeah !
(disclaimer: my cousin beth took this first photo below, love it!)
. fun on the trampoline .
. our shoe rack so the dogs didn't carry off the shoes .
. shoe rack so the dogs didn't carry the shoes off .
. speaking of dogs, greta is a big fan of the trampoline .
. trampoline = big fun for everyone .
. lunch had to be eaten inside due to the crazy wind . the kids were disappointed that we didn't get to have a picnic, but this kinda looks like a picnic, don't you think?
. lunch time .
. it was great to see old and new friends again as well as family . i loved watching these kiddos have so much fun, it makes me feel young to play with them . i jumped on the trampoline too, did cartwheels and tried to do a strange handstand...that did not make me feel young...or small .

Monday, May 3, 2010

. stormy light .

. i love a good rainy day, even storms are okay with me . being married to steve is part of the reason i love both of these things . steve, being a farmer, when the rain comes is usually when we get to spend time together doing something fun . and he loves storms and love to chase them, i've gone along a few times while he's doing the chasing, not my favorite thing to do...but it is exciting !
. anyway, last night we didn't really have storms, just storm clouds and that was about half of the sky, the other half was sunny and very few clouds...this is the kind of light you get...
. incredible stormy light .
. isn't it amazing ! i took way too many photos of the same thing just because i couldn't get enough . there was a very vibrant rainbow too, but only parts of it were vibrant . i normally can't see the purple so well but last night it was very obvious .
. rainbow farm .
. i always love a good road shot .
. road, in color .
. i love this little hill just outside of riverside . i've always wanted to do a photo shoot around it . maybe someday .
. pretty sky .
. speaking of riverside, the studio is coming along, right nice . did some cleaning last night, when i left it felt 'ready' (even though there's still more to do) . i'm having so much fun with colors and design as this has all come together . i've been challenged to decorate for the open house a little different than my normal taste/style . it's fun seeing it all come together . i'm figuring out it's kind of hard to know how many to plan for . that being said, if you're coming let me know and if you're planning on bringing someone along let me know that too ! and if you can't let me know ahead of time...that's okay, come anyway...and bring that friend along too ! it's going to be a fun week of planning and preparing ! posting will most likely be light, but then that's nothing new .