Saturday, December 25, 2010

. christmas with the moore's .

. our family christmases are usually spread about a week before or week after christmas and rarely do we have anything specific to do on christmas eve or christmas day, but this year was different . my family got together on christmas eve at nate and tenille's for my moms side of the family . dad read the christmas story, which is tradition, one i'm thankful for .
. any my crazy brother (the shorter of the two), well, they're both crazy, but in this case aaron wasn't expected to be at our christmas and hadn't been in a while, so it was wonderful to have him . we got tons of photos to prove he made it .
. grandparents and grandkids .
. and me trying to get a pic with everyone in it . done . good ? not so much .
. this was the best part of getting our photo taken was watching all the cameras trying to get it .
. mom giving out kisses for christmas .
. aaron's getting ready for it .
. the 5 of us . haven't had a shot like this in years .
. me and my home boys . for real .

. good times .
. thankful tenille hosted this year, thankful for my family and the love we share .

(all photos taken with my p&s as i had too much to carry without taking that too)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

. evening in the office .

. trying out a new lens and snapped this photo . have i mentioned how much i love my office ?
. tomorrow my work is going to consist of putting together a veggie tray, cutting up fruit, scrubbing the shower, making a batch of cookies and a family christmas tomorrow afternoon . tired, going to bed .

Monday, December 20, 2010

. on target .

. last week i felt behind, especially when i realized it was 10 days til christmas ! it's amazing what just getting them wrapped will do . i realized i only had 1 more gift that i needed, and picked that up yesterday, so now to wrap that and a few others that the hubs has come up with and we're ready .
. it's this week ! how did that happen so fast ?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

. wintertime .

. looking at what i had in my cart today i realized winter has hit . kleenexes, emergen-C, de-icer, snow shovel (and things not seen here), oranges and salt for sidewalks .
. here we go, and it's not officially winter yet .

Thursday, December 2, 2010

. christmas in the country .

. so, i've rebelled plenty against my small town/country roots -when it comes to decorating that is . i've always liked a bit more of a modern look, with simple, clean lines . i still do . but over time, between coming into who i really am and comfortable with that, i've definitely embraced the country life . not to mention i live in an old farm house, on a farm and am married to a farmer . and i love all three . although, you'll not find any borders on my walls with bird houses on them . but if that's what you love, do it ! i'm all about loving your space . anyway, that to say i've decorated for christmas this year and it seems very country to me, although i tried keeping things a little modern with simplicity . now, don't confuse this with primitive...oh never mind, this gets all complicated ! but there is a difference in my mind .
. here's my christmas decor last year . wanted to do something different this year with the living room all rearranged, so went with my small trees .
. the saturday after thanksgiving while stuart and ellie were here we set these trees up and put the same ornaments on them i had at the studio, i have to say they weren't terribly interested in decorating it (i did most of it) and when it was done it did nothing for me (might have to do with the fact that i've looked at and photographed it for the last month), so i stripped the trees down and started over . so this year, plaid and glass is where it's at . and i didn't have to buy a thing .
1. christmas in the country .
. used all glass ornaments from my gold and silver tree days . and that is not bats and a ball under the tree, it's wrapping paper and a cute lil felt christmas ball .
2. christmas in the country .
. and yes, my favorite throw makes it back into this room . what room in my house does this thing not work in ?! i love that thing ! i got a new throw too, another gift :) you're going to love it . i'll share soon .
3. christmas in the country .
. and where more glass comes in . i used a similar arrangement for fall here . this season cranberries and then pine cut from the trees outside .
5. christmas in the country .
. the dining room .
4. christmas in the country .
. how about you, are you all decorated ? is your style still evolving or is it consistent ? i'd love to see pics of your decor too . if you're a FB friend, post some pics and tag me in them so i'll see them !

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

. the gift that keeps on giving .

. nebel's know how to give gifts ! steve has proven this time and time again . this time it wasn't steve though . it was his brother, david and his wife, desiree . des and i talked about these awesome machines last year when she was here over the holidays and how cool it would be to have one .
. keurig . dreams do come true .
. last friday morning after coming home from my 3 photo shoots, the day after thanksgiving -when christmas was just getting into full swing, this was plugged in and ready to go . next to it, coffee and a sweet card . as if getting it wasn't enough, having it all filtered through the first water cycle, plugged in with hot water ready to make me a fresh cup of decaf coffee . they thought of everything ! i love it, and at this point am drinking far more coffee than normal, i assume this will slow down once the new wears off .
! thanks david and des !

. come on over and i'll share my gift with you . see, it keeps on giving .

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

. hj club party .

. at our november meeting the ladies were reminiscing about costume parties years and years ago that were so much fun . at the time i was racking my brain to see what i could come up with for us to do for club at my house at the next meeting . it just seemed the thing to do, even though we were technically a month late for costume parties . the ladies jumped on board and here you have it . we were missing a few that i know would have also had some great outfits . you saw my outfit, now for everyone elses .
. we had a nurse .
2 . neighborhood laides costume party .
. a cowgirl, who won best costume . she was so cute .
3 . neighborhood laides costume party .
. an old fart .
4 . neighborhood laides costume party .
. janet who came as janet ready to go to bed .
5 . neighborhood laides costume party .
. and rosamond just wore her favorite dress, which meant a lot to her because of the plaid and how it symbolized her family's heritage .
6 . neighborhood laides costume party .
. and a christmas clown, i think . not quite sure what darlene was, but she was festive . i loved it .
7 . neighborhood laides costume party .
. a hawaiian girl, although no dancing for us . :(
8 . neighborhood laides costume party .
. and a clown .
9 . neighborhood laides costume party .
. cute lil pilgrim, who won second best costume .
10 . neighborhood laides costume party .
. and then again with my costume . my 50's housewife get-up, which i felt appropriately fit the the club because these ladies were all housewives in the 50's !
1 . neighborhood laides costume party .
. somehow i didn't get an individual photo of our scarecrow sitting in the front row, second from the right . she is my wonderful co-hostess and was so very thoughtful not to stuff herself with hay just for the sake of my house ! :)
12 . neighborhood laides costume party .
. they were worried that we wouldn't all get in the shot . go, go gadget arm .
11 . neighborhood laides costume party .
. joann and i talked of making this an annual tradition . we'll see .

Monday, November 22, 2010

. go cart fun .

. i was reminded that i had yet to share this go cart fun from a month or so ago . it's bridget and mark racing and and zach and mike on the 4 wheeler . love that the sun was setting when i stopped by to check things out .

Untitled from Sarah Nebel on Vimeo.

5 . go cart fun .

6 . go cart fun .

4 . go cart fun .

1 . go cart fun .

7 . go cart fun .

8 . go cart fun .

Thursday, November 18, 2010

. 50's housewife .

. is what i went as to the neighborhood ladies club costume party . we missed a few of our ladies, but the ones that did come had so much fun . more photos to share soon . but for now...
. and there were guys working on the power lines outside that came to the door during the party . the one guy said i tripped him out . hm . it probably seemed quite strange, would have tripped me out too probably !

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

. lots .

. lots of discs mailed out .
. lots of tissue paper flowers made .
. lots of patterns going on .
. lots accomplished lately .
. ahhh .

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

. scenes from...

. my road trip last week .
2 . road tripping .
. i get bored, you should thank me for not posting the self portrait that i shot looking up my nose .
1 . road tripping .
. taken with p & s .

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

. snp . home office .

. it's pretty well done . not completely, but the rest will only be tiny details . if you want to see "before" shots of this room, go here . this is the room that had the red couch and love seat in it with the big N on the wall . so, this room made the most sense for an office, although it really seemed to put a kink in our home layout . mainly because it's always been one way, i liked it that way and didn't want to change it . but, again, this just made the most sense space wise and practicality wise (more space in the future) . you have it, . snp .'s office .
11 . snp office space
. most of the office necessities such as the desk, chair, bulletin board, floor lamp and desktop computer are all new to this room, the rest of the stuff is pulled from other areas of the house .
10 . snp office space
. wanting to replace the picture on the wall with a canvas, but prioritizing my needs right now .
9 . snp office space
. i wanted this room to be a good mix of color and style so that nothing matched or didn't . make sense ? probably not, but that's okay, it does in my head . it looks busier than what i normally like, but i love it .

. i picked up these old tin cups at goodwill a few months ago for $.38 each and kicked myself later because they sat in a closet, not being used and i felt like i wasted the money and was wasting space and now what do i do with them ? well, NOW i'll use them for pen holders, scissor holders, vases...anything . the color and shine look great in here ! they are one of my favorite elements of the room .
8 . snp office space
. and remember this wall arrangement i came up with months ago...just didn't have a place to put it . apparently this office has been in my subconscious a few months now .
7 . snp office space
. this cute little thing is something steve (or his brother david) made when they were kids . thought about taking the clips off and painting it, but i like the wood color, it dates it and is less matchy, matchy . remember, nothing matches, nothing doesn't .
3 . snp office space
. attached to the above clips are notes from clients . a few clients have written me the sweetest things that made me feel amazing, i just love to read them every once in a while . the middle one is from joni, who a lot of you know as a huge fan of mine, she writes out SNP logos for fun and then sends me the pages...i feel so very loved . i'll definitely be using one someday .

. again, my favorite fall throw blanket makes it's appearance . on this awesome chair i found at office max, on clearance and got even cheaper because it was the last one and it was a floor model .
5 . snp office space
. red lamp . which i'm in love with .
6 . snp office space
. ever office needs a plant, right ? and a pumpkin . and a candle from the BYCC .
4 . snp office space
. bulletin board, painted a fun color . need some tacks so i can hang more goodies on here . very excited about this addition !
2 . snp office space
. the overall view .
1 . snp office space .
. so, that was my break today, showing you the office .
!! now, back to work !!