Thursday, April 1, 2010

. it's a start .

. after living in this house for 5 years we're finally getting to some of the exterior work . we remodeled the inside before we moved in and knew that it would be a little bit before we tackled the exterior . it's needed done desperately and it feels great to have started the process now . this week the roofers came, it'll be done before the end of the week . yeah ! we are having some amish guys from down south do it . since they live so far away they have been staying here and eating meals here too . anyone that knows me very well knows food is not my area of expertise . it's been a challenge but one i was willing to take on . i think yesterday is the first day i've ever spent the entire day in the kitchen . and i have to say my meals probably didn't show it . i'm sure these guys' wives could have whipped up all i did in a mornings work . but they got fed and happily ! should i be offended that one guy poured ranch dressing all over his chicken pot pie ? i'm choosing to look at it as 'so glad i thought to offer up the dressing to enhance his pot pie' . these guys really are fun to have around . when i took this first picture freeman yelled down, 'should i smile?' . they like to laugh a lot !
. it's a start .

. it's a start .

. it's a start .
. it's a work i progress . can't wait until it's done !
. one of the many things i made yesterday .
. yesterday, cook and bake, all day .
. i'm off to the grocery store to get more food .

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  1. I had always wanted to see what the outside of your lovely house was like!! It looks much better than what you told me!! That's exciting!! enjoy your new roof!!