Friday, April 16, 2010

. away from home .

. i'm away, and miss home, but then i do really love home . i am having a great time away though . i'm in south carolina for my cousins wedding, if you don't already know . my mom and i left early to visit a friend of hers (and now a friend of mine) that lives in tennessee .

. there were lots of stops at gas stations . lots . that's a long drive !
. lots of stops .
. candace took us to a brand new museum in pigeon forge on wednesday, it was all about the titanic . i learned so much i never knew about the titanic, and i had even seen the movie !
. no photos inside .
. but here's a shot from the outside .
. titanic museum .
. then we went into the smokie mountains .
. visit to the smoky mountains .
. candace has three little ones . they stole my heart in the few short days i spent with them . they had me continually laughing, maybe i'll sure a video so you can laugh too !

. here's the sweet ally .
. little sweetie .
. and the one who constantly had me laughing, kaleb . he's my buddy !
. my buddy .
. then there's travis . this was one of the few times he could have been found sitting .
. he has stuff to do, so watch out .
. not so happy travis .
. while sitting outside visiting in the afternoon ally started bringing me every different variety of leaves that they had in their yard . i ended up with a lap full, we put them in one of my books so they would dry out . i can't wait to do something fun with them . here's one of the cool leaves she brought me . have you ever seen anything like it ? i haven't .
. leaves from ally .
. ally was constantly impressing me with her hunger for knowledge .
. leaf from ally .
. and i got 'flowers' from the boys . the photos seriously make me melt !
. i got flowers .

. i got flowers .
. ahhh . i love em!

. good times, wedding tomorrow, going to bed .


  1. I wish we could have those days with you over again. Kaleb and I miss you!

  2. We had such a great time w/you, Sarah! I am SO glad I got to meet you...we'll have to reconnect when we're in Iowa. (Kaleb is still asking when we are leaving for Iowa.)
    If you are ever driving through our neck of the woods again...please feel welcome to stop by our home! :)