Sunday, April 11, 2010

. change is all around me .

. a few days ago i posted on my facebook status that change is all around me . the house is in constant change lately, which is good . we've lived here 5 years with the inside done and haven't touched the outside . the roof was beyond needing repair and we had bought paint last summer when we could get it on a big sale to paint the house, just never got to, now we're getting to . at the same time, it's planting time ! and did i mention i just rented a studio that needs some work, oh, and on tuesday i'm leaving for a week . so, yes, we have a lot going on . it's all good, but it is a lot .
. wat it looks like around here right noe ,
. my mom and i are taking a trip down to south carolina for my cousins wedding . i think the time away will be relaxing, even though i'll be shooting the wedding, the rest of the trip will be stress free . i have plans to get some work done while i'm away and when i get home i'll be ready to pick up where i left off with the studio and have it done the following week, good plan, right ? we'll see if that happens .

. all that to say posting may be light, or it may be heavy if our trip turns out to be extra relaxing ! :)

. a facebook friend (hi sharon!) pointed out to me that God never changes...i'm so thankful !

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