Monday, April 26, 2010

. isn't she pretty .

. remember this post ? i showed before pictures of an old bike i found out in one of our old out buildings . i love that it's red and has a basket and i knew with a little tlc it could be super cute in photoshoots, so i got to it . spent a little money to get her some new tires...whitewalls ! and she's rideable ! took a sos pad or two to it and wah lah ! here's what the rims looked like before, the sos pads did wonders for the heavy dirt and some of the rusty spots .
. rusty rims .
. i took a magic eraser to the seat and the handle bars . i did half the seat and took a picture, look at the difference .
. magic eraser used on half of the seat .
. having help makes everything more fun .
. my helper .
. look how shiny and red .
. the bike .

. the bike .
she's not perfect, but she looks purdy if you ask me !
. the bike .
. makes me happy .

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