Monday, March 29, 2010

? how did i get this lucky ?

. you all know how much i love our old house that we live in . the best part is that it used to be steve's grandparents . with that comes old family photos in this very place where we are making new memories and taking new family photos . i love seeing photos of our yard when our great big trees were just little tiny or else non-existent . i love that we were able to update the house while at the same time keeping enough the same that their lives (what they were in the past and what they are now) come to our minds daily .
. when grandma and grandpa moved out they left a few little things for us that they felt just belonged on the farm . it's been so much fun to 'use' these old things . the old croquet set, old set of jacks, old marbles, the old safe in the basement .

. messaging with a bride-to-be about doing a photo shoot with an old bike made me think...'we have one of those!' . so i went out and found it .
. she's getting a makeover .
. she needs a little work . a lot if she were going to be ridden to town and back, but she only needs to look good so we'll see just how much work she needs soon .
. she's getting a makeover .
. i'm looking forward to this new little project .
. i've been dragging my heels on spring arriving, even though i have been enjoying the sunny, warmer weather .
. it just seemed like a few things in my life needed to be in order before it came . those things are finally coming together and i think spring will be arriving this week ! yeah ! along with some 70 degree temps !!
. i've been working on my photography business a lot lately and will have some news to share on that front soon .
. happy sunny monday to you all .

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