Thursday, March 4, 2010

? sick day ?

. so it's not quite spring time, but i'm having that springy feeling . this is the perfect movie to watch during the change of season, it has all seasons in it . i know i've said it before, but it's my all time favorite movie . i watch it about twice a year .
. great not-yet-spring-time movie .
. i've been fighting a sinus infection this week . last night it beat me up . it hurt . so, today, on my to-do list- watch aforementioned movie and take a long nap . there's a little bit (or a lot) of organizing i want to get to too . we'll see what happens .
 . 3.4.10 .


  1. I love that movie too! You are beautiful even when you are sick! How do you manage that? Hope you get feeling better soon!

  2. Ah Jane, you're so sweet...although I can't say I agree with you :)

  3. Best movie ever. Your hair is too cute for you being sick. And thanks for giving it to me over the phone :)

  4. Brooke, my hair only looked cute BECAUSE I was sick. I was up at 1:30 showering due to needing the steam to be able to breath. Therefore I washed my hair and slept on it, that adds tons of volume, added a few curls and well...there you have it, a good hair day on a day you don't even intend to leave the house! :)