Saturday, March 6, 2010

. saturday ramblings .

. so i did a little organizing the other day . i have to say the reason i don't do more of it is because i don't like the big mess in the middle, before it's all done .
. the mess in the meantime .
. it's just part of the process though, and i'm hoping to do more of it soon . although this was the most important of all my organizing jobs that need done . this will make my photography work flow go much quicker, along with the organizing i did on some computer files as well . and hoping to do more to streamline things .
. the mess in the meantime .
. so yes, i have been a little sick . the word pneumonia was even tossed around . could be just a bad sinus infection too though . all in all, i've felt worse...i'm surviving .
. 3.6.10 .
. so sitting on the couch is getting a little old and yet i don't feel like doing all that organizing that i want to do so i decided to make a little collage for holly, making collages is my new favorite thing, what ? you've noticed ?
. now and forever .
. hope it's been a happy saturday for you .
. i love that i'm finally seeing my yard under all that snow .


  1. feel better soon!!! crap is going around!! I had some nasty virus for just over 2 weeks, now Mitch and Isabelle have something different with a fever and sore throat, headache yuck feeling. i think March is a bad month for sickness.
    cute collage btw!!!
    sometime will you give me your new updated prices?? I'm thinking of family pics in a year and want to plan accordingly.

  2. Thanks Audrey! Sorry you guys have all had it too. Mine was what Mitch and Isabelle have had, fever, sore throat...the dr said either serious sinus infection or else pneumonia. But, I'm feeling pretty good and hope that it's on its way out! I'm sooo over it!!! My prices are changing May 1st, I'll get you an updated price list as soon as I get the prices finalized!

  3. It's so sad: being ill, and most of all, losing one's ambition!! I usually regard downtime for sickness as lost time, but some wonderfully, creative things have been the outcome of the experience of being ill. Great giants of invention in art, music, literature, etc. came from these intense times! Aunt N