Wednesday, March 10, 2010

. 1 day, 2 cousins, 3 kids 4 much accomplished .

. the cuzes came by and helped me do some of my organizing . apparently holly has become the master . she loves it and is quite good at it .
. holly...the organizer .
. beth wasn't so bad either . seeing her organized closet last week was when i mentioned i had some areas i needed to work on and she came up with the idea of her and holly helping me . i wish now i would have taken a 'before' photo . but just picture my store room with more stuff, and messier !
. went through a ton of magazines, holly labeled each category of magazines, although i need to get more permanent labels . i wasn't as prepared as i could have been today so i may need a few totes and such to completely complete it, but it's all sorted through and where it belongs .
. magazines, books, steve's toys .
. these lockers have been in the store room since we moved in, do you remember seeing them before ? i had big plans on getting them moved down to the toy room and repainting them...since that hasn't happened i decided to use them to organize .
. the lockers, finally put to good use .
. labeled with a dry erase marker .
. dry erase on the locker .
. shelves organized and cleaned...i have 4 whole shelves to spare (one above) . for just two of us living here i figure we should have most all of these empty...i hate that stuff takes over sometimes, but i love that at least my stuff is organized now .
. newly reorganized .
. ribbon and tag drawers . can't wait to wrap my next present .
. holly organized the ribbon and tags .
. i've been storing a lot of wall hangings that either don't fit my decor in the rest of the house or i don't really care for but they have sentimental value . so i decided to group them all together and enjoy the cluster . i'm not a cluttery/cluster kind of person, but i love how these all look together ! couldn't handle it all over my house, but it works here .
. a few favorites .

. hot pad .

. a few special trinkets, now hanging on my wall .
. they should go into business, really ! call them !
. the organizing sisters .
. then onto deal with the clean outs that piled up in the next room . that really didn't take long either though .
. in the next room, after the clean up .
. andrew, seth and alannah were here while all the action took place too . busy place, busy day .

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  1. WOW! You're not kidding about their going into business. That calibur of organization is something I have always wanted, never mastered, and if I ever had a chance to learn it, I'm I failed the course. Aunt N