Saturday, April 30, 2011

. randomness .

. i was supposed to have a photo shoot this morning, but we rescheduled due to the very overcast skies...we were hoping for some fun outdoor shot, fingers crossed for next saturday ! soo excited about taking prom photos this afternoon, a group of 12 ! AHH ! does that sound like fun, or what ?! wishing we could do some outside, but i'm not counting on it . with this wind, can you say 'dress up day' ?

. been working on that curb appeal on the house, remember ? house numbers are on, new mailbox in place and just put up a new porch light . a forsythia wreath on the front door, it's all come together quite nicely . i'll post photos at some point . the dilapidated porch floor is what's holding me back . all in good time ! we've only lived here 6 years people, give us time !
. new porch light .

. just noticed that there's sunshine in the forecast for the next 4 days, who do we think we are, california ?! sooo excited, but not holding my breath !

. love arranging all my props cute at the studio for window peekers . i only just started doing this a few months ago, it's like styling a window display, i like it !
. color .

. spent quite a bit of time at the studio this week . 7 shoots, well, make that 6 since this mornings rescheduled . whew, what a great week .
. gray day .

. even got a day of shopping in and while i was there i saw this . these guys are great and i wish it would have worked out to hear them that night, sometime i WILL make it to hear them play !
. final alibi .

. had coffee with a friend . it was the best, the coffee and conversation . this single coffee date changed my week ! thanks, ashley ! you can pretend like you didn't read this . ha !
. coffee with ashley .

. when i went out to feed the dogs .
. blue skies .
. mad for plaid, i am ! jammies !
. in my pj's .
. editing while watching the royal wedding yesterday . i'm not totally caught up in it all (like my awesome friend, emily...seriously, she's awesome, she was featured on, go read her stuff, you're really laugh out loud!) . but i do love and appreciate style and a couple who appears genuine and in love, and from what we are shown they appear to be just that . i did love seeing all the hats and couldn't imagine being a female guest and NOT having a hat, and i saw a few of them...poor things . why ?!
. the royal wedding while working .
. this means the sun is shining . !!! . and i almost see a chevron pattern in there . hm, pretty .
. morning light on the wall and ceiling .
. i'm wanting to get more creative with my photo shoots . lately my mind has been racing as to how i can mix things up . i have a few ideas, but if you have any inspiration, send it my way .

. i mowed yesterday and i actually enjoyed it a little . i'm hoping it's really growing on me and i'll learn to love it . most of the time it's just a job, one i dread and pray the 2 hours flies by . i've even tried embracing it before with no success . not sure what's change, but i hope it's for good . am i asking too much from mowing my yard ? i don't think so .

. that's all for now . happy saturday to you !

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  1. Freaking love you and can't wait to hang out on...Monday!!! :)