Wednesday, April 20, 2011

. more random things .

. spring . is it here ? or isn't it ? by the calendar it is, but i still seem to have to wear socks every day or else my feet get cold . last week when i went over to my mother in laws and cut some flowers i also cut some branches from their newly trimmed apple trees . i brought some branches home that had buds on them and look, they just bloomed on my kitchen island .
. apple blossoms blooming on my kitchen island .
. and well, this is about as easter as i get when it comes to decorating .
. getting all easter up in here .
. i ordered this amazing rug (from here if you're curious) over a month ago and it just came on monday . it was backordered . my experience with backordered stuff has been that about 3 weeks after it's backordered i seem to get an message saying that it is no longer in stock and so therefore i don't get what i ordered . i didn't get my hopes up then that i'd actually get this so a few days ago when i got the email that said it was shipped i got all excited again . her she is, and i love her !! she'll be going with me to the studio now and then too for maybe a fun family session ?! how did it become a she ? hm...
. fun rug .
. brings some more color and mismatch to my office . i love it !
. new rug in office .
. and i finally got some of those instagrams printed ! i chose for printing and they would go as large as 5x5 . i'm very happy with the outcome . saw this cute idea to string them up here .
. instagrams, in print .
. that's all for today, friends .


  1. that rug is so cute!! it looks great in your office and I love you instagram stung up deal!!

  2. Ill have you know that I spent 30 minutes trying to find that rug. No luck. I love it! I need it for my living room. Also, great idea with the instagrams! Love!!

  3. Love the rug! And love that you printed your Instagrams!