Wednesday, May 11, 2011

. randomness .

. apparently i can't do much cohesive these days, it's all random photos from my iphone or random thoughts running out of my head . it's where i'm at these days i guess .

. this weather is awesome . early, but awesome . yesterday i turned the air on . i had flash backs of right after we moved into this house and i was babysitting levi and andrew . an ache that i hadn't felt in a while came over me, i missed them and all their silly ways . and i strangely didn't mind doing the laundry, washing dishes, taking out the garbage . i truly felt as if i was living in this house, my dream house, for the first time again . that passed last night when i had to finish up the laundry .

. my weeks have been fairly booked with photo sessions, but they keep getting rescheduled . no ones fault, they can't help it, but it's making for extra time . which i do really love, but find myself wondering what to do with it all . last saturday i had 2 sessions booked and both had to reschedule, so that left my morning wide open . i had already planned to meet my friend emily for omelettes at the rotary omelette breakfast in kalona . she mentioned she was going to hit a few garage sales since it was city wide, and since my morning opened up i went too . it had been a long time and it was so much fun . we had to stop for coffee to wrap up the fun .

. hitting a few garage sales with em, oh and the coffee shop .

. a few of my finds from the sales .
. garage sale finds .

. after my morning saleing, i had went to this little missy's birthday party .
. birthday party .

. it was a butterfly party, wish i had taken my wings .
. butterfly birthday party .

. then kept andrew and seth for a few hours while mommy helped with a wedding . we ran errands and put bandaids on ouchies . and went through a car wash, seth wasn't a fan .
. not a fan of the car wash .

. and sunday i was able to spend the day with my mom . it was special . we don't usually spend the day together and it worked out that she had the afternoon free, as did i . had lunch (dad came too, he can't crash our party, he only makes it better), then walked around the square a little, sat in the park and talked .
. mom's day together .
. then got iced coffee at dodici's cafe . mmmm .
. mother's day drinks .

. i feel blessed to have so many special people in my life . my days are filled with family, friends and love . i know i don't look happy about it here, but i am !
. breezy day .

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