Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a day to remember

. today is a day to remember, not because there's anything special about it ...

. except for these beautiful flowers clipped from a friends forsythia bush .

. and cleaning and laundry all morning .

. and making sandwiches for the guys working outside .

. and chatting with a friend on the phone about personal things and feeling her love .

. and 70 degree temps with the sun shining .

. and worship music in the background .

. and planning to go pick some daffodils from my mother in laws before it rains .

. and cleaning out the freezer to stock it with meat .

. and cleaning the basement a little while i'm down there .

. and FBing heart felt messages with a friend .

. and a window open . (can't open many living on the gravel road)

. and enjoying spending some time in the kitchen with fresh vegetables .

. and realizing again that God is in control and thanking Him for that.

. and still working on memorizing those verses below, i've almost got them .

. and playing wwf's here and there .

. and so, well, it's a simple day i want to remember .

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