Friday, April 22, 2011

inspired by kate

. these gals are all planning on attending the royal wedding the end of the month, i love it . i seriously wasn't even sure when it was, but they are all attending (via their couch and tv) . yesterday at club marjorie mentioned that her "easter bonnet" was inspired by kate middleton . she liked what she had seen kate wear and whipped up a little something similar out of fabric that she's add for probably 30 or 40 years. i suggested she make them and sell them on . she mentioned she doesn't have a computer .
. marjie wearing her headpiece, inspired by kate middleton .
. i love little delicate ladies . she had this thing attached to her head with 2 little bands of thread, can you see them ? how did it not fall off . i have no hopes of being a delicate little old lady . i'm going to be the kind huffing and puffing just getting to my seat, sitting down with a big sigh and looking around to take it all in once i get seated because it was all i could do just to get to my chair . i hope i don't smell bad .
. marjie's headpiece, inspired by kate middleton .
. my friend, joleen . her fancy hat was purchased for a wedding in italy many, many years ago .
. joleen .
. and betty, who made me laugh more than once during our time together . especially with her talk of having to cover her ears when she gets her hair cut so that her hair dresser doesn't cut off the hair that she's trying to grow over her ears . she's been working on it for 2 years now ! again, i'm laughing ! she said when purchasing this hat all those years ago the salesman told her she didn't really have the kind of head that should wear a hat . and when putting it on to come to club her son told her now he sees why she doesn't wear them . poor thing . she took it off right after this photo .
. betty .
. grandma co-hosted and wrote a little spring tribute . it was beautiful, and mentioned the bald eagle cam . who would have thought 'the internet' would be mentioned in a sweet little spring sonnet . i love the 21st century .
. pretty grandma .
. it was a lovely time .
. pie, coffee and easter bonnets .
. speaking of pretty, delicate ladies . isn't she !
. pretty grandma .


  1. I wonder if I had "wear a hat" as the roll call for the next neighborhood club I host, what would happen. What a cute idea! Such lovely ladies. People that don't have neighborhood clubs are the poorest of the poor! Loved it! Aunt N

  2. oh Sarah!!! You make me laugh! I just cannot see you being one of those ladies that huffs and puffs to get to your seat! I think you will be a tall, graceful old lady with style, even then. You're a hoot!!!