Thursday, March 31, 2011


. lots of thoughts swarming my head these days so i thought i'd put them down here . i always love reading others randomness so hopefully you don't mind mine . here goes...

. waaaaay back when, when i started my very first blog, i think this was august 2008, steve helped me set things up and as any of you that know him, know that when he does something he does it on a fairly large scale . like 17 pounds of bacon, or 27 pounds of grapes, those are both stories entirely all their own . aaaaanyway, back to setting up the blog story, we decided on a name (photo eye love, now photos eye love) and when setting up the gmail he called it . i laughed and let him . well, here i am, however long later and did you know that you can change anything about your google account except for your email address ? anyway, please don't send me emails at this address, as i don't check it regularly, but now i do have a address, so feel free to email me there or the cloudburst one .

. the sunshine not only warms my dogs basking in it, but my heart . i truly haven't been ready for spring until just this week .

. cleaned out the fridge this morning . hate that job . but so glad it's done . cleaned all the carrots, cut the tops off and made them into a little bouquet looking thing so now they'll look more appealing to eat . don't say anything, i took a lot of guts to write that .

. if you get a really really pretty iphone, you should protect it by getting a cover for it . that's right, i didn't . i dropped it yesterday, trying to save a kitten's life and so now mine has a case and a broken back, oh and no insurance since they don't let you get it after it's been dropped . lovely .

. speaking of my iphone, i could marvel daily at the apps out there ! a period tracker (period plus if you're interested) . white noise app ?! you no longer need to take your fan when you go somewhere to sleep, while you're using it why don't you switch your white noise from using an oscillating fan to waves, or a thunder storm, or a ticking grandfather clock (my fav) , cuz it's all on there !

. you've probably noticed i've been posting a lot about food lately, you know, here and on facebook . i'm trying to figure all this out, why i eat, my relationship with food, why i eat too much of the bad for you stuff, and the good for you stuff . trying to put my finger on how it makes me feel . trying to work more exercise into my life . i don't want these things to be temporary, so i'm taking my time getting them all figured out . i'm reading made to crave(thanks to the recommendation of emily, wow, i know lots of emily's...emily T) and i've only just begun, but i'm loving it, it's making so much sense ! the idea is we are all made to crave, but the world trains us to crave things like food, fashion, sex, drugs, alcohol, any number of things, but we are made to crave Jesus Christ and when we fulfill those cravings with Him our life will be a productive one for Him . now, i'm only just starting the book, there's much more to it i'm sure, but that's what i've gotten so far .

. along those same lines i'm also reading crazy love . not terribly far into this one either, but loving it just as much . realizing how if we truly love Christ with all that is in us, with a crazy sort of reckless abandon that He is automatically our all in all . i know that's truly what i want out of this life here on earth is for Him to be my everything and for that to reflect upon everyone i come in contact with . if you've read either of these books tell me your thoughts .

. hm, saying more and different stuff than i thought i would when i started this post .

. my laptop cord is not working, am glad i got the insurance (extended warranty) on that ! new one to come, not soon enough i have to resort to using my desktop that i just like to look at . kidding . kinda .

. i'm wearing bangles today, wondering how long they'll last . i hate noisy accessories . i hate wearing heels that clonk, clonk, clonk as you walk and it lets everyone in the entire building know that you're coming .

. i need my friends . so glad i have the best ones !

. one of my favorite things to do is meet new people and in doing that make new friends . i feel like i get to do that all the time with photography . it's funny because a really great client of mine ordered some photos and through a series of mistakes and miscommunications we've had to chat quite a few times and meet up twice and we have such a great time every time . she's yet to get her photos . she doesn't care, and neither do i because we kinda like meeting up .

. i don't know if i saved that kitties life or not ! it's kinda driving me crazy .

. and a pic, because a post is always better if there's something else to look at besides words . right ? or maybe not, having a bad hair day so i just pulled it all back . but there's my new phone cover, the only one that fit since the back was broke .

. happy day friends, tell me something that's been swarming through your head lately in the comment section .


  1. how blessed I am to know you

  2. I think they should make a contraction counter for the iphone- wouldn't that be cool? not having to write down contractions but just push a button and it keeps track?? (obviously I have had way too many kids since the thought of this gets me excited)