Wednesday, March 16, 2011

. my week + in instagrams . randomness .

. not sure if the iphone was a good idea or bad . i get lots of little random photos of my day, but it seems i used to use my nice camera for this, so now i might have the photos, but the quality isn't what i'd like . although i do have fun with the instagrams .

. sorry the blog is turning into a weekly instagram update...but it's working for me right now .

. ok, so this first one isn't an instagram, but it is a photo from my phone . been watching too many shows on hgtv, sometimes they do really clever things that are completely impractical . and this is a perfect example . i rearranged the bedroom with the bed in the corner and pillows in the corner with a bedside table on either side . in my mind we'd sleep with our heads in the corner too . that doesn't work, and neither does our heads up against the wall because somebody's bedside table is at their feet . so, it was fun to switch it up, but by evening it was right back how it started . although cleaner, that's what spurred me on, i was cleaning and decided to switch things up . i get easily distracted when cleaning .
. a bad idea, but it looked cool .

. had a spa day with bee and this was the sitting area right outside of the massage area . drinking my cold water out of a goblet, wondering if i was in tuscany or des moines . des moines it was, bummer !
. des moines or tuscany ?
. 3 kiddos in the back seat of my car . when i babysat this happened all the time, but it's been a while . i loved it .

. on our way .
. took them to the kalona cheese factory, because well, we were passing by and had the time .

. cheese factory .

. studio looking sassy .
. sassy studio .

. went on a road trip last week and forgot make up . gasp . i look like one of those people that only eat vegetables . :)
. road trip, forgot the makeup . OMW !

. was thankful to find a lot of tea options at a gas station .
. gas station that sells yummy teas . mmm .

. tried out red mango . those little balls of juice are YUMMY .
. red mango . also yum .

. this proves i'm not a gal that only eats vegetables .
. cake pop . yum .

. well hello there sun, welcome back, stay a while !
. hello sunshine, it's been a while .

. switching up the photos in the window at the studio . i'm in love with this shot !
. switching photos up in the studio window .

. being doing the hair straight lately .
. saturday .

. the glasses have been finding their way to my face more often lately . hm, eat more carrots !
. needing to use these more and more . aging?!

. daylight savings time did this little fella (and me, photo not shown) in ! this happened while he was supposed to be doing school :( i let him catch a few winks .
. DST is hard on everybody .

. apple spring snacks .
. apple spring .

. lunch, i love that these boys like black beans and rice . reeds eyes get as big as quarters when he sees black beans, he loves them ! i think it's soo awesome because this is one of my favorite meals . but wow, the quantity that they can put away !
. what do boys do best ? eat !

. a 50 degree day calls for ice cream, don't you think ? reed and i did .
. 50 degrees in town with the boy, had to stop and get a little ice cream .

. excited to do a little work to the front of the house to make it look prettier . thinking a light fixture, house numbers, rug...and maybe even some landscaping this summer ! so excited about this .
. working on curb appeal .
. prepping to do a detox, doing my research and getting all psyched up !

. to detox or not .
. can you believe my orchid has bloomed beautifully for a month straight now ?! i can't believe it . i love this plant !! my table will never be the same as it has been with a blooming orchid .

. my orchid .
. and, well, that's all i've got for now . aren't you glad ?


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