Wednesday, March 30, 2011

. life in instagrams .

. seriously, the iphone has changed my life . photo life for sure . i love being able to whip out the thing and grab a quick pic . i'm going to try to get some of these photos printed just to see what they look like . anybody done that with instagrams ?
. but, the phone changing my life . okay, words with friends, this game is addicting and sometimes i just have to quit playing, so i can STAY ON TASK ! :) super fun to play though, except this game . it was hard ! i loose a lot, but i still like to play .
. not a fun game of WWF .
. empty water bottle .
. empty .
. yes, i wrote the date, not my name, on the tag of my pants . okay, i'm not weird, at least not for this reason . i did this because i had bought different brands at different times and wanted to see how fast they faded . does seem kinda dumb now, BUT the best part about this story has nothing to do with my faded yoga pants and everything to do with the fact that the faded yoga pants that haven't fit in a while, fit now ! and i wouldn't have remembered how long it had been since i'd worn then if i hadn't dated them like they were corn going in my freezer at the end of summer !
. fitting into old pants .
. ry took this pic of reed running from him . typical .
. reed running from ry .
. the boys are obsessed with anything fun on my phone so they think my scrabble game on my phone must be wild fun because it's, well, on my awesome phone, so they wanted to play the game in real life . let me just say, not so fun .
. the real deal . ug .
. getting my hair done at salon rage .
. salon rage .
. visiting my friends em and gibbs . this picture melts my heart .
. em and gibbs melt me .
. em's cool home .
. em's place .
. em's cool dining room decor .
. em's dining decor .
. let me just stop a moment and say how brilliant gibbs is ! this kid can say just about anything . he's so verbal !! he's not quite 17 months old and can talk like i've never heard a child do before . so, he's a genius, for real !
. my man, gibbs .
. whipping up some stir fry .
. stir fry .
. mixed with a little quinoa . my new favorite grain .
. quonia .
. me and brooke, instagraming together .
. instagraming together .
. at a horse sale . we choose this over pedicures . why ? we decided it was because we are maturing and family is more important than our nails getting done . that didn't stop us from whining to family the rest of the time together about not getting our nails done .
. horse sale .
. tiny towns have the coolest stuff .
. blakesburg store .

. blakesburg oil co .
. morning coffee .
. morning coffee .
. getting ready to go trail riding .
. trail riding .

. horseback riding .
. good times .
. and more to come after bit, this just gets me up through sunday .

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  1. You got a picture of the gas station?!!! I hate you ;) When we drove by the next day, there was a truck getting gas, ruining my picture AGAIN. Glad you got it though!