Sunday, March 20, 2011

. as if i'm on death row .

. and i was eating my last meal . and i picked jello salad ?!
. jello salad .
. some of you know i started a detox and it includes not eating for the first 2 days (only having a shake sort of thing, that's not yummy, btw) . so saturday i was cooking and decided to throw together this delicious jello salad and enjoy some of it's yummyness before i had to go 2 WHOLE DAYS without eating ! let me just say i've never gone this long without eating . it's not fun . i love food . 3/4 into day 1 i'm not dead . so, there's where we're at .

. i do feel the need to address the jello salad thing though, if my mom is reading she'll know why . i HATE jello salads ! always have . won't eat any, except this one and the one with the cream cheese balls covered in nuts in strawberry jello . okay, but this particular recipe is yummy because it has cherry pie filling in it ! here, i'll just give you the recipe . 2 small boxes of cherry jello, 1 can of crushed pineapple and 1 can cherry jello . dump your jello powder into a bowl, boil 2 cups of hot water to dissolve that, add in your drained pineapple and your cherry pie filling, let set up, and there you have it...yummyness ! now i want to go eat the rest of it, but i won't !

. here's what not eating looks like on me . it makes my frown lines worse !

. detoxing makes my frown lines worse .

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