Monday, March 21, 2011

. detoxing, day 2 .

. i've had a few people show interest in my detox, so i thought i'd put a little more info about how it's going . read below if you want to read about day one . :) it really wasn't thaaaat bad . today actually seems better, not sure if it's because i have ry and reed here to keep my mind busier or i'm getting used to it, or maybe i feel like i've made it half way, i'm on the downward side now . not sure .
. i'm noticing that food is everywhere ! everywhere i look . blogs, magazines, in the kitchen, on my inspiration board in the office .
. i didn't cook at all yesterday, i had done some on saturday so there was no need . this morning i made eggs for the boys and was surprised that i didn't feel the need to have them, even though my tummy felt empty .
. food, it's everywhere .
. i have been feeling fine overall . i think am a little weaker, and last night i considered doing something a bit challenging and could have found myself in a heap if i had pushed it, decided to put it off until i was in a better place . :) see, i know my limits . i've been drinking tons of water, i had over 90 ounces yesterday and still went to bed thirsty .
. water .
. this is gross, but true, my breath is yuck . hoping this gets better once i can eat tomorrow . overall things are going well and i'm glad i've taken on this challenge . feeling like the hardest part is behind me now .

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