Monday, October 11, 2010

. today .

. i feel crazy busy and yet peaceful at the same time . i've begun loving my place just a little bit messy . it kind of makes me feel creative and productive . well, because when i'm being productive it's a mess and when i'm being creative, it's a mess .
. so, today i've done very little to keep up house, helped ry and reed lots with school, worked on some photography and went with beth and the boys to sass family farms . we, of course, had a great time and here's a few photos to prove it .

. we have one of him as a little guy just like this...except for the two in his mouth . he had an earful of corn too.
. can you see andrew's face ? he's such a clown .

. he's going to be as tall as me soon . today i had to have a little chat with him about wrestling with aunt sarah . "don't try to put me in a headlock like you do with reed and your dad. i'm a girl and we wrestle different, otherwise you'll hurt me." the truth !

. and now we're back home and ry just finished writing a journal entry in his writing class . he worked on it on the front porch and i loved my view .
. i'm seizing my day today !
? you ?

. all photos taken with p & s .

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