Tuesday, October 5, 2010

. morning light .

. these were taken at 7:15 this morning . this morning light was just incredible ! i want to do an early photo shoot so bad ! i realize we basically get the same thing at sunset, but i just love mornings, so it's different . also, there's no editing done to these photos, for a couple of different reasons, 1) they didn't need it 2) remember, i'm letting go of editing for this blog . you have a better chance of me blogging on here if i can skip that editing step . now, that's not to say i'll never edit these, just right now when things are crazy it's one less thing and often times, it's not necessary . i like to get my shot right sooc anyway !

. this tree had better make it, i want a big old orange tree in my yard and last year the new one died . had to plant this one . hopefully it takes this year, won't know til next spring .
. another happy fall morning to you .

1 comment:

  1. LOVE.
    LOVE the morning light.
    LOVE that you DIDN'T edit these pictures.
    LOVE the new candle sticks.