Saturday, October 2, 2010

. today .

. i'm halfway to 64 . and that doesn't scare me . i feel so very blessed to have lived for 32 great years . yesterday someone asked me how old i would be if i didn't know my age . great question, don't you think . how old would you be ? i answered 24 . wouldn't we all pick in our 20's ? well, at least us in our 30's who are in denial, right ? kidding . i'm not in denial, i just really feel like i'm young (except for the days i wake up with the back and neck pain), but not so young i'm in high school, that leaves the 20s ! steve asked the other day (just being funny) if i was going to be 27 and i jumped to say 'yes', then realizing that i just got very happy to use 27 as my fake . when did this happen ? it's all good though, i wouldn't want to go back or forward . i'm anxious to see what my 32nd year of living brings .
. okay, so you might not like these, but i DO ! i LOVE them . i found them at adellya's consignment store yesterday . my style is changing because i wouldn't have bought these even 6 months ago, i'm sure of it . but the rich wood, the subtle curves in them, and the ability to change out the candles when the season changes . my birthday present to myself i guess .


  1. Hey, Sarah, Happy Birthday!
    We are both in our 32nd year...I think it's great also!

  2. Well, I love those too. Good choice! And happy birthday!!! I love that I know you enough to be able to sincerely say that. :)