Wednesday, October 6, 2010

. still celebrating .

. this is the longest birthday ever . it's been awesome . today i got a birthday gift delivered to my door and i got to go out with my friend shea for lunch on her birthday . on my way i saw the statue of liberty . yep, in iowa city .
. that would have been the shot of the day had i not taken this one !
. shea has connections and took me out to the awesome wilderness studio, and i had the privilege of meeting dick, the amazingly talented owner and photographer ! he is also the owner of this awesome car that we got to sit in .
. shea and i had a great time .

. the entire day was amazing . i love getting to know new friends, learning more about the world of photography, driving along the beautiful countryside during this fall season and continuing to celebrate being 32 . how long can i make this last !?

. all photos taken with p & s .

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  1. You can make it last forever, girlfriend! Just keep dragging it out. And just when you think it might end, eat another piece of cake.