Thursday, December 2, 2010

. christmas in the country .

. so, i've rebelled plenty against my small town/country roots -when it comes to decorating that is . i've always liked a bit more of a modern look, with simple, clean lines . i still do . but over time, between coming into who i really am and comfortable with that, i've definitely embraced the country life . not to mention i live in an old farm house, on a farm and am married to a farmer . and i love all three . although, you'll not find any borders on my walls with bird houses on them . but if that's what you love, do it ! i'm all about loving your space . anyway, that to say i've decorated for christmas this year and it seems very country to me, although i tried keeping things a little modern with simplicity . now, don't confuse this with primitive...oh never mind, this gets all complicated ! but there is a difference in my mind .
. here's my christmas decor last year . wanted to do something different this year with the living room all rearranged, so went with my small trees .
. the saturday after thanksgiving while stuart and ellie were here we set these trees up and put the same ornaments on them i had at the studio, i have to say they weren't terribly interested in decorating it (i did most of it) and when it was done it did nothing for me (might have to do with the fact that i've looked at and photographed it for the last month), so i stripped the trees down and started over . so this year, plaid and glass is where it's at . and i didn't have to buy a thing .
1. christmas in the country .
. used all glass ornaments from my gold and silver tree days . and that is not bats and a ball under the tree, it's wrapping paper and a cute lil felt christmas ball .
2. christmas in the country .
. and yes, my favorite throw makes it back into this room . what room in my house does this thing not work in ?! i love that thing ! i got a new throw too, another gift :) you're going to love it . i'll share soon .
3. christmas in the country .
. and where more glass comes in . i used a similar arrangement for fall here . this season cranberries and then pine cut from the trees outside .
5. christmas in the country .
. the dining room .
4. christmas in the country .
. how about you, are you all decorated ? is your style still evolving or is it consistent ? i'd love to see pics of your decor too . if you're a FB friend, post some pics and tag me in them so i'll see them !

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  1. Your home is so beautiful, Sarah! I love it!