Tuesday, November 30, 2010

. the gift that keeps on giving .

. nebel's know how to give gifts ! steve has proven this time and time again . this time it wasn't steve though . it was his brother, david and his wife, desiree . des and i talked about these awesome machines last year when she was here over the holidays and how cool it would be to have one .
. keurig . dreams do come true .
. last friday morning after coming home from my 3 photo shoots, the day after thanksgiving -when christmas was just getting into full swing, this was plugged in and ready to go . next to it, coffee and a sweet card . as if getting it wasn't enough, having it all filtered through the first water cycle, plugged in with hot water ready to make me a fresh cup of decaf coffee . they thought of everything ! i love it, and at this point am drinking far more coffee than normal, i assume this will slow down once the new wears off .
! thanks david and des !

. come on over and i'll share my gift with you . see, it keeps on giving .

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