Tuesday, November 9, 2010

. snp . home office .

. it's pretty well done . not completely, but the rest will only be tiny details . if you want to see "before" shots of this room, go here . this is the room that had the red couch and love seat in it with the big N on the wall . so, this room made the most sense for an office, although it really seemed to put a kink in our home layout . mainly because it's always been one way, i liked it that way and didn't want to change it . but, again, this just made the most sense space wise and practicality wise (more space in the future) . so...here you have it, . snp .'s office .
11 . snp office space
. most of the office necessities such as the desk, chair, bulletin board, floor lamp and desktop computer are all new to this room, the rest of the stuff is pulled from other areas of the house .
10 . snp office space
. wanting to replace the picture on the wall with a canvas, but prioritizing my needs right now .
9 . snp office space
. i wanted this room to be a good mix of color and style so that nothing matched or didn't . make sense ? probably not, but that's okay, it does in my head . it looks busier than what i normally like, but i love it .

. i picked up these old tin cups at goodwill a few months ago for $.38 each and kicked myself later because they sat in a closet, not being used and i felt like i wasted the money and was wasting space and now what do i do with them ? well, NOW i'll use them for pen holders, scissor holders, vases...anything . the color and shine look great in here ! they are one of my favorite elements of the room .
8 . snp office space
. and remember this wall arrangement i came up with months ago...just didn't have a place to put it . apparently this office has been in my subconscious a few months now .
7 . snp office space
. this cute little thing is something steve (or his brother david) made when they were kids . thought about taking the clips off and painting it, but i like the wood color, it dates it and is less matchy, matchy . remember, nothing matches, nothing doesn't .
3 . snp office space
. attached to the above clips are notes from clients . a few clients have written me the sweetest things that made me feel amazing, i just love to read them every once in a while . the middle one is from joni, who a lot of you know as a huge fan of mine, she writes out SNP logos for fun and then sends me the pages...i feel so very loved . i'll definitely be using one someday .

. again, my favorite fall throw blanket makes it's appearance . on this awesome chair i found at office max, on clearance and got even cheaper because it was the last one and it was a floor model .
5 . snp office space
. red lamp . which i'm in love with .
6 . snp office space
. ever office needs a plant, right ? and a pumpkin . and a candle from the BYCC .
4 . snp office space
. bulletin board, painted a fun color . need some tacks so i can hang more goodies on here . very excited about this addition !
2 . snp office space
. the overall view .
1 . snp office space .
. so, that was my break today, showing you the office .
!! now, back to work !!


  1. it looks great!! I love your house,Ir eally do, the french doors, the beautiful floors, the wall color the trim too...you are a creative one with your decor!

  2. Love, love, love! So creative. My favorite thing amd what I noticed first? The tin cans. =o) ~joni

  3. Darnit! I meant AND what I noticed first! Typos make me crazy.