Tuesday, November 2, 2010

. ppi .

. so, just a brief overview of my time a ppi . learned lots . helped me to gain more direction with my biz . all good ! hubs went along .
. met molly from studio m . had a great time getting to know her and chat a bit about every little thing .

. there were a few raffle prizes . we were so excited to win, most of the stuff . although when they held up these old style mats what were cut with words we were like 'nah, not so much wanting to win that' . molly's number was 166, they called 163...so close, 163 was not in the room so they drew again, 165...wow, very close . again, not in the room, next # drawn 166!!! we were laughing so hard, how could that happen ? there were a hundred or so tickets in there ! can't wait to see what she does with this !
. can't wait for winter ppi now !

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  1. Gah, me either!!!! We're still on for a road trip date, right?