Monday, May 3, 2010

. stormy light .

. i love a good rainy day, even storms are okay with me . being married to steve is part of the reason i love both of these things . steve, being a farmer, when the rain comes is usually when we get to spend time together doing something fun . and he loves storms and love to chase them, i've gone along a few times while he's doing the chasing, not my favorite thing to do...but it is exciting !
. anyway, last night we didn't really have storms, just storm clouds and that was about half of the sky, the other half was sunny and very few clouds...this is the kind of light you get...
. incredible stormy light .
. isn't it amazing ! i took way too many photos of the same thing just because i couldn't get enough . there was a very vibrant rainbow too, but only parts of it were vibrant . i normally can't see the purple so well but last night it was very obvious .
. rainbow farm .
. i always love a good road shot .
. road, in color .
. i love this little hill just outside of riverside . i've always wanted to do a photo shoot around it . maybe someday .
. pretty sky .
. speaking of riverside, the studio is coming along, right nice . did some cleaning last night, when i left it felt 'ready' (even though there's still more to do) . i'm having so much fun with colors and design as this has all come together . i've been challenged to decorate for the open house a little different than my normal taste/style . it's fun seeing it all come together . i'm figuring out it's kind of hard to know how many to plan for . that being said, if you're coming let me know and if you're planning on bringing someone along let me know that too ! and if you can't let me know ahead of time...that's okay, come anyway...and bring that friend along too ! it's going to be a fun week of planning and preparing ! posting will most likely be light, but then that's nothing new .

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