Wednesday, May 19, 2010

. the leftovers .

. so you'll probably be seeing a lot of leftovers from the 90 day challenge, at least a first, when i feel like i want my photo to be just right, whereas by day 78 i'll be laying in bed having forgotten to take a photo, i'll get out and snap a photo of the strange light the computer monitor is reflecting onto the wall or something .
. so today here's my extras . netflix . this is how we watch our videos these days . the video store seems old school already . we love netflix !
. netflix, the new way of life .
. and the recently painted house . ahhh . we've lived here 5 years with it needing paint, so it feels so fresh and clean ! mowing today i caught myself just glancing over to take it in .
. loving the house being painted .
. not a leftover, this was my 90 day shot . thought i'd add it anyway .
. mowing .
. i really am excited to do this . over the last few years snapping photos of everything around me is how i've learned photography and those photos mean so much more than just what you see . most of them are from the house or outside here on the farm so there's that connection as well as my heart and soul in the learning . these turn out to be the photos i want on my walls and in my coffee table books . so, i'm hoping to get a lot of fun ones in the next 3 months . and again, join in ! i think it'll totally change the way you see things !

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