Wednesday, May 19, 2010

. photo project .

. back in february when brooke and i got together we discussed doing a photo project just to keep our minds challenged . we talked about several different ideas and didn't decide on anything . time passed and the other day i just wanted to do something challenging with photography . i didn't care what it was . so i facebooked brooke and asked if she wanted to do a daily photo project for 90 days, she and lauren jumped on board and so we came up with a blog to post our work, but not just ours . we can make others contributors and they can post their photos for the next 90 days too . i'd love if at the end of this project i could put all mine in a book or something, i think that'd be kinda cool . anyway, if you want to join in, please do . just send me your email address and i'll invite you to contribute to the blog . you'll be inspired by what others see and by why is around you that you didn't see before because you weren't looking ! let's have fun .

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