Wednesday, May 5, 2010

. 11 .

. 11 kids is a lot . that's how many were at my house yesterday . i kept looking at them all saying 'that's a lot of kids!' :) the kids moms were here too . lots of fun just hanging out with them . the kids were all so good and had so much fun together . the day went pretty much like you see in this photo . lots of smiles and fun on the trampoline . although a few little hunts were involved, a scavenger hunt as well as a hunt for the dog collars that have come up missing recently . one was found, yeah !
(disclaimer: my cousin beth took this first photo below, love it!)
. fun on the trampoline .
. our shoe rack so the dogs didn't carry off the shoes .
. shoe rack so the dogs didn't carry the shoes off .
. speaking of dogs, greta is a big fan of the trampoline .
. trampoline = big fun for everyone .
. lunch had to be eaten inside due to the crazy wind . the kids were disappointed that we didn't get to have a picnic, but this kinda looks like a picnic, don't you think?
. lunch time .
. it was great to see old and new friends again as well as family . i loved watching these kiddos have so much fun, it makes me feel young to play with them . i jumped on the trampoline too, did cartwheels and tried to do a strange handstand...that did not make me feel young...or small .

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  1. We had a great time, Sarah! Thanks for hosting it!
    I'm still laughing about your "strange handstand". lol :)