Thursday, May 26, 2011

happy haircut

. i just had one . and it was very happy .

. before .
. after .
. and mom requested to see the back, so these next few are for you mom .

. and then i realized none of these are from the front, so here's one .
. at some point i'll get better quality ones taken, but for now these get the point across .

. after having long hair for roughly 6 years i was ready to switch things up . in that 6 years i've changed colors (found out lighter isn't for me) and cut bangs a few times, then grown them back out, i felt like i had exhausted every long hair style that i liked, and i was ready for a change . i've had this short of hair before (when i got married) and did like it, so thought i'd go for it again . walter (who did it just like the picture (the last one of her holding the baby), never happens, right?!), made it happen and i couldn't be more pleased !


  1. I love it! And so cute with the accessory in the bangs! LOVE!

  2. Love it, Sarah, and I love Walter! He does my hair, too, and nobody has ever been able to make me as happy with my hair as he does. He's awesome! Very cute look for you!

  3. Sarah, it looks great! I'm glad you finally went short! Who is Walter? I'm still looking for a permenant stylist in the area. Still loving my short "do". Can't wait to see it in person at church!