Tuesday, January 4, 2011

. nebel christmas .

. so, i'm finally getting around to posting some photos from our other christmas get together, which was actually on christmas day with the nebel side . we had it in the evening so i had plenty of time all day to prepare .

. our loooong living/dining area works so great when we have so many for dinner .

. we clear out the dishes and tables and put in some chairs and we're ready for presents .
. stuart was so great at giving hugs this year . as soon as he'd unwrap his gift he'd put down his toy and run over and give a hug to whoever had given him his gift .
. mom got a pretty special gift this year . it was from no one specific . it was a box full of items that frequently went missing from her cupboards when the boys lived at home .
. she's figuring it out .
. stuart liked his gift from uncle steve .
. uncle jim felt the need to do a little confessing about some pickles that had gone missing many, many years ago .
. ellie thanking grandma for her gift . such sweet kiddos .
. ellie's been into little house on the prairie lately so grandma made her an outfit like laura's .

. notice ellie in on the bunk bed playing with her toys already .

. some back scratching .
. some more back scratching .
. and somebody always likes to have a little fun . last year it was the gross jelly bellys (earwax, dirt, vomit) mixed in with the regular ones . this year it was little wasabi balls of some sort . i never did try one, but by the reactions on peoples faces, i didn't want to .
. jason took it like a man . really, i was quite impressed .
. steve even tricked grandpa . grandpa spit it right out too !
. uncle jim, working through the pain .
. grandma and stuart chatting .
. steve made a shelter in the barn for the dogs a few months ago and so the kids had to go check it out .
. while we were out there we had a little fun in the show piles .

. this photo makes me cringe . i hate it when the snow blows in my face like that !

. stuart would have stayed out all day and played . ellie and i had our fill in about 20 minutes . it was cold !
. was a wonderful time with family, and an enjoyable christmas holiday . i'm just now considering taking down the decorations . (it's very unlike me not to have them down by jan 1) .

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