Monday, September 13, 2010

. this time of year is magical .

. ah . you all know i love fall, so i won't go on and on about how much i love it, again . but i will say that the season change changes me, it shifts my focus . this year from being so busy with photo shoots, to wanting to nest a little . redecorating the house . nothing major, just little things that say "falls's here" . i recently got this awesome throw quilt from a friend and it speaks to me...deeply . of all things fall and winter and cozy and family and...
. redecorating for fall .
. trying it out in the livingroom .
. redecorating for fall .
. since watching all these design shows while editing i've been drawn to different styles of decorating lately too, so i'm wanting to try some new stuff . i'm loving vintage mixed with modern more than ever . i don't think repainting is in my future just yet because i still love my wall colors and how easily i can change decor out with them, but some cheap furniture switches may be on the horizon . i'm going to an auction tonight and i'm sooo excited about it . it's been ages since i've been to one and i love that you never know what you might get . it's always a surprise . i'll be selling at least one piece of furniture on craigslist soon and deciding how i want to change things up . of course you'll be in on it all . so, stay tuned . i've missed posting on here, will make it a habit again !

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  1. Eager to see your next "home decor" post, Sarah!

    This fall, I'm hoping to get some colorful pictures of the foliage here in the Smoky Mountains.