Wednesday, September 15, 2010

. a birthday party .

. i think i've only ever thrown 1 birthday party . my hubby isn't into birthdays but one time i surprised him by having some friends over . friends - as in another couple . not big...they brought pizza, i didn't decorate since it was a surprise and i did have a cake made . but that's the only birthday party i've ever thrown . all that to say my dad is turning 60 and we're going to do a small family get together type one here at our home . he isn't one that likes large crowds, especially if they all came together for him . so, as small as it can be, with a few loved ones . but i want to make it extra special . my wheels are turning how i can do something unique and fun with a 60 year old's birthday...and no, i'm not thinking black cake that says 'over the hill' . he's already had a few over the hill birthdays so we are going to make this one more about being older and wiser, maybe an owl party ?! my dad doesn't care, so i guess whatever i like we'll do :) what if i did old owls all over the house with word bubbles saying the sayings my dad is known for (and there are quite a few) . mom, don't tell him any of this...k ? anyway, just wanted to get my wheels turning and this did it ! any other suggestions ? or maybe i could do this with my dad's face ???

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