Wednesday, September 29, 2010

. ramblings...

on yet another beautiful fall morning . sitting at the new local coffee shop, wondering if they forgot to make my latte decaf or if i'm just high on life . life, it's such a beautiful thing . embracing age, imperfections, conflict and challenges like never before . i love the perks that come with getting older .
. hoping this coffee shop sticks around for a while . missing friends, wishing some lived closer . the thought of close friends moving...makes me feel like i haven't felt in a long time . feeling more than blessed . letting go of editing all my photos for my personal blog . seeing families in public and picturing them in my photos . looking forward to a long awaited photo shoot tonight with, what i know is going to be, an awesome family . dreaming of hiring a house keeper .
. hoping i don't forget to go to the pharmacy when i leave here . kind of glad it takes so long to service my car . avoiding editing . loving canvases so much i need one for my own home . love living with my best friend . too many new shows to keep up with, oh well . needs, wants, these lines get so blurred .

! told you i would be rambling !

. man, this place is busy . if this keeps up it'll be here for a while .

. all photos taken with p & s .

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