Monday, February 1, 2010

. thanks and sorry .

. my good friend emily made me a lovely little flower that she attached beautifully to my candle she gave me for christmas . i've burned the candle and it almost irritated me to see the beautiful flower just hanging out there . i was so jealous of my candle . i'm really into hair pretties all of the sudden, so i took it apart a little and made it work for me (tim gun would be proud that i 'made it work') . the gals in prison liked it...and a few at the mall too .
. thanks em, and sorry at the same time .
. so thanks so much emily for the beautiful flower, and sorry i took it apart and made something else out of it .

. oh, and happy february...january in iowa...done, couldn't be happier . we're on our way and february's a short one .

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