Monday, February 8, 2010

. a few days away .

. so it's february and i'm walking around with bare feet . obviously, i'm not in iowa .
! yeah !
. steve is in georgia for work and so that means i get to come too :) it's not quite as warm as i had hoped, but i'm definitely not complaining . we're right on the florida border so hoping to see a beach or two while we're here .
. bare feet and green plants in february .
. bare feet and green plants in february, it just seems strange . this is the first time i've ever traveled some place warm during the cold winter months in iowa . i had my window rolled down from the airport to the hotel . it was cloudy and a balmy 66 degrees .
. the first day here it rained, and rained, and rained . didn't mind it though, it felt like spring .
. rainy day, i'll take it .
. florida countryside .
. florida road .
. small town, georgia .
. we had breakfast one morning at the coffee shop on the corner, the cream colored building .
. small town, georgia .
. took in a jeremy camp concert while we were here . first time to see him in person, he did not disappoint .
. jeremy camp .
. pines everywhere ! so pretty .
. florida/georgia scenery .
. and i remembered seeing so many of these trees when i went to charleston, south carolina . so beautiful, i think they're my new favorite tree .
. love these southern trees .
. having a great time . relaxing and taking it all in . if you don't hear from me, it's because i'm busy relaxing .



  1. Glad you can enjoy a break from the snow. Our loss though since your part of IA is to get the most this time, and I know you would take some fantastic pictures of it. It will probably still be here when you get back though, so not to worry. (c: Aunt N

  2. I could almost cry seeing all that wonderful green and rain.....looks like you're having a great time!!

  3. The tird picture is my favorite. It is SO pretty! Thats something I wouldn't mind hanging in my own house. :)

  4. *third, not tird! haha, I hope you aren't taking "tird" pictures ;)