Friday, February 12, 2010

. it was as easy as it looked .

. so i'll admit, at the hotel i watched waaay too much tv . we don't pay for channels so any tv i do watch is pretty intentional, on line . so when i have access to hgtv, tlc, and shows like the martha stewart show, i tend to overload (we even watched the little couple, i can't believe what they make into shows these days!) .
. yesterday i saw this cute little idea of making a rose ring for valentine's day out of pipe cleaners on martha . what good is it, not much . but how cute is it...very ! i tried one this morning and it was just as easy as it looked on the show, that's seldom the case in my experience . it's a little big and maybe a bit much, but fun, none the less . if you or a little girl in your life are interested in making one you can follow the directions here .
. valentine ring .
. it's almost as big as my fist .
. not quite .
. valentine ring .
. ahh, good to be home, and i really don't miss the tv .

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  1. This is too cute, and looks like such fun!!!

    We recently canceled our cable, and we haven't missed it one bit. More time for us to do things together =) I highly recommend it, nothing on anyway, but I think most people can't live without the dumb thing!

    Loved your beach pictures - isn't the beach so much fun?! =)