Tuesday, January 26, 2010

. winter jam 10 .

. sunday night i rode along with the jim nebel gang to winter jam in des moines . had a blast . my all time favorite group was there . favorite group in concert i should say . newsboys . i know, this is like my 4th time to go, and i'd go again tomorrow if i had the chance . they just make it so fun .

. so we're on our way . all set with comfy seats, warmth (biggie these days), drinks, full bellys, music, candy, magazine, girls to chat with .
. girls on our way .
. cool uncle j at the wheel .
. uncle jim .
. and jammin aunt mary, although she hadn't started jammin just yet .
. aunt mary .
. and bridgey as my partner for the night .
. bridget .
. we waited in line to spin a fancy little wheel .
. me and bridget .
. to get a bumper sticker or a hug, we both got bumper stickers .
. we were good with that .
. playing sidewalk prophet's games before the concert .
. and as we're waiting in our 2 hour line we see....DUNCAN, drummer of the newsboys, mulling through the crowd not 6 feet away . people were shocked, check out the girl on the right. :)
. duncan .
. so we snagged him for a few pics .
. duncan and me .

bridget and duncan .
. the line didn't really seem to take that long, until about 10 minutes before they opened the doors . the personal space went out the window by then and it started getting a little warm . but totally worth the wait .

. hung out with april and keith there too, although no picture to prove it, at least i have witnesses .

. balls of confetti flying around .
. newboys didn't disappoint...again .
. jody davis & michael tait .

. michael tait .

. michael tait .
. oh and there were a few other groups there too, tenth avenue north, newsong, fireflight, revival, robert pierre, sidewalk prophets and third day . this was my first time to hear third day in concert...liked them too .
. mac powell and ? .
. mac powell is great .
. mac powell of third day .

. third day .

. fireflight .

. confetti balls .
. stary night...nope, cell phones held in the air .
. stary night, or cell phones at concert .
. concert color .
. waiting for the show to start .
. big fun, missed my man being along, that was the only thing that could have made it better . well, maybe if my coat and sweater hadn't gotten wet and yucky under my seat, that would have made it better too, and newsboys could have sung a few more songs...okay i'm done .


  1. Mac Powell ROCKS!!! I have seen Third Day in concert a few times and Greg and I think they are even better in concert !

  2. Great pics, Sara. I LOVE Tenth Avenue North! :)