Wednesday, January 20, 2010

. it turned out .

. so i made good use of the icy day and worked on that mini-blind turned shade i mentioned a week or so ago . i purchased fabric last week at ikea with hopes of trying this out . i really didn't have a lot of confidence in myself or the project (although it got great reviews) . but i did it, it's far from perfect, but lucky for me...i'm not a perfectionist . we'll see if steve notices the flaws . just hoping he doesn't look too close .
. my DIY shade made from miniblinds .
. i wanted lighter fabric that some light could shine through so as not to make the room darker and although still heavy fabric . i was also glad to find a fabric that matched, yet was a bit more feminine than the other fabrics i have in there . lots of tans, browns and whites in there . the flowers are actually a grey, but are the perfect tone so blend right in .
. my DIY shade made from miniblinds .
. although i have to say right before i hung it up i was having my doubts that the fabric was what i wanted . once i got it up i loved it .
. my DIY shade made from miniblinds .
. it took about 3 hours, but could probably be done faster now that i know what i'm doing . drying takes about 4 hours, then it's ready to hang .
. last year i really wanted to replace the old window coverings in the house, but i could never justify paying the prices for the ones i really liked . thankful i didn't rush it last year because finding this idea online saved me a lot of money . not to mention, i get to custom make my shades...and i already have the blinds so it's cheaper yet .
. my DIY shade made from miniblinds .
. now i can't wait to make more .

. if you try this project let me know, i'd love to see yours .


  1. ok how did you do that???? I want to do something like that for the kids rooms. well actually I was planning on cringing and buying something, it probably involves having a sewing machine...