Friday, June 11, 2010

. randomness .

. so it's been a while since i've got on here and just told you all the randomness that my life is so, i think i'll do it today since my photos aren't that hot and well, i'm feeling zapped in the creativity department when it comes to the personal blog .

. i don't say much about my hubby on here, he's a private guy and kinda likes to keep his business private . and i respect that, even though some people read my blog and think i'm single . :) . but since i'm doing random things in my life right now this one is big and i can't not include it . many of you know that steve's been away getting his pilot and ag license to become a crop duster . he's home now and life is trying to resume some normalcy . it's great to have him home and i've even enjoyed cooking a meal or two for him . and i don't love to cook ! our transition of him being home, photo biz picking up, him starting the new flight portion of the farm biz, being away for michael's funeral, has all gone rather smoothly, thank the Lord !

. here's my garden this year . with busy schedules for both steve and myself and constantly planting far more than the two of could ever eat i decided to take a year off in the garden this year . i think the things i'm going to miss the most are my fresh tomatoes and my pumpkins . the boys and i have so much fun picking and carving, we'll just have to visit a pumpkin patch or something this fall . i didn't get the garden seeded down with grass like i wanted so it's full of weeds and i just mow them...looks better than i thought it would . :)
. my husband, on the other hand, is so good at this gardening stuff, big gardening...farming . he hates for me to be proud of him (and i get lectured when i tell him i am) but he doesn't read my blog so i can say it here, right ? his fields look amazing so far this year . i marvel at how intent he is on raising good crops . agronomy is his thing .
. els, she's just cute .
. okay, not just cute, she's a little naughty too . she chews on the other dogs collars, right at the clasp and then they don't stay on . with the underground fence this is not okay ! so this week i went and got a new one for greta, even a cute lil purple polkadotted one, we went to the trouble to put the holes in it and put the little box on it ourselves, this is cheaper than getting a collar from the company . guess what, cute little collar is broken now too . no more plastic clasps for greta and chopper . never a dull moment with these 3 !
. this is in my front yard . what is it ? a giant roller . it just looks impressive so i had to take it's photo .
. girl party happening at my house this afternoon and i'm so excited . i need to get offa here and get busy .

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  1. I enjoyed your "randomness" since we all hit those times and thus, can relate so well to someone else's. You were so wise not to start the garden if you couldn't handle it. It's so much worse to neglect one than to never even start. It's the "fallow" year. It's what the Old Testament Jews were required to do. It lets your ground rest. I have wanted to do a resting rotation on my large one, but thus far, I haven't got it going. Life is such an adventure! (c: