Monday, June 21, 2010

. best. day. ever .

. so i spent the day with brooke and her little fellas at the beach on lake michigan . this was the first time i've spent a day at the beach . i've seen a few, been on a few but every time, time was short and it was cold . we were able to enjoy this day to its fullest .
. brooke and boys on the beach .
. bryce and quinn are acting like herky . brooke gave them commands and they obeyed . it was so cute, then herky actually joined in .
. the boys acting like a puppy .
. herky loves the beach . brooke didn't think she'd ever seen him so happy .
. playing .

. herky loving the beach .

. herky loving the beach .
. he ran in the lake and then rolled in the sand, just like any good dog would .
. herky loving the beach .

. herky .

. herky .
. it was a toss up which was more fun, digging or playing with the ball, he managed to do both, at the same time .
. bryce and herky .
. herks and quinn have a special relationship, it's so sweet to watch .
. quinn and herky .
. a little fun with stuff we found on the beach .
. bryce .

. quinn .

. herky is a big fan of the beach .
. ahhh .

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  1. I LOVE these Sarah! Every single one captures the happiness and freedom of a day at the beach. Great job!